Thursday, 24 August 2017

Results Day

I don't really like that title because it makes the little bit of paper we received this morning sound so all-important.  And ultimately the results of Eldest's hard work this year and throughout his education cannot be summed up by just a couple of letters of the alphabet.  He has learned resilience, perseverence, maturity, to pace himself, maintain a good attitude... and that's just off the top of my head.  But as far as the results of his exams go - well I suppose that is the focus of today at least, and it will make a difference to his more immediate future - but I have to say this is not the blog post that I was expecting to write.

He passed!  C in Geography and B in Maths!

We are both slightly in shock but very happy!  We totally expected to 'fail' and were prepared to learn from our mistakes (we still will) and work towards resits next year.  Really we did so much wrong, being total IGCSE novices.  We left far too much until the last minute - nowhere near enough time for revision.  He hadn't even started on the two-year Maths syllabus by January this year, but was slightly behind according to school standards. And yet here we are, rather stunned at the very lovely piece of paper that has graded his work on the exam days.  He did work extremely hard over the revision period: for that alone he deserves every recognition - and without the tutor support we had, I'm sure it would have been a very different story (if anyone needs online Maths tutoring, I can recommend Absolute Maths - they were great).

I feel a lot more cheerful, prepared and relaxed as we get ready for the new term.  I'm sure there will be challenges and stresses ahead, but right now we're just basking in the glow of our (albeit unexpected) success!