Thursday, 29 June 2017

Back to the Fun Stuff

Well, we've done it!  Eldest has sat his exams, after which we immediately drove to Wales for a week's family holiday - and a blissfully relaxing time it was too!  Now that we're back, I can't express how much I am enjoying getting back to the fun stuff with Middle and Youngest!  Eldest is taking full advantage of my promise to him that after exams he would be free to sleep-in every morning and just do whatever he wants once awake - that stands at least for a month, and I figure it is well-earned!

Meanwhile the younger two and I are enjoying some time together doing all the fun stuff that I have missed so much.  They were having fun anyway while Eldest and I were on Planet Revision, but now I get to join in too - it's so lovely!

They have being doing MathsWhizz and Literacy as usual, and Youngest is doing a little handwriting every day (one page from his Collins book) as he's in need of some extra regular input, and then we loosely follow a plan drawn up for the remaining month of term:

Monday: Maths, Art
Tuesday: Literacy, STEM
Weds: Maths, History
Thurs/ Fri: Literacy, Geography
Fri/ Thurs: Forest School (we go to two which both run fortnightly on different days, so one week we have Thursdays at home, and the other week it is Friday)

It's hardly an exhausting schedule - just adding in one extra subject per day to prompt me to find some fun things that I think we'd all enjoy, and it leaves plenty of time for them to choose further games and activities for me to join in with or follow their own interests while I attend to the huge piles of housework that accumulated while I was engrossed in exam-season.  Of course, we are also taking every opportunity to socialise in all the groups and park meet-ups that proliferate in the summer term - just lovely!

So this week we started off with Art, and a marbling project that actually took most of the week to complete as the boys were very generous with their oily inks, which then took days to dry(ish) before we could cut out the shapes and assemble them...

On Tuesday they chose a couple of Dyson's STEM challenges that they fancied having a go at: attacking a potato with a straw (exploring pressure and stability), and learning about surface tension using ground pepper and washing-up liquid...

We also played a couple of games of Latice (a strategy game using colour and shapes), at Youngest's request...

For history on Wednesday I wanted a fairly short project as we only have a few weeks left of term, so we opted for a mini project on local history.  Browsing the internet, I found a nice potted history of Droitwich Spa (one of our closest towns) and read it to the boys, after which they wrote down and illustrated the bits that stuck out to them...

Finally Youngest chose an "Earth Science" DVD to watch before Gaming Club with friends
On Thursday we combined Literacy with Youngest's handwriting practice and made up some colour poems...

This was followed by a fun project for Geography.  The boys have a cousin who is - conveniently for us - currently traveling around South America with her fiance and their mascot, Brian-the-Duck, so today I thought it would be fun to print off some maps and trace the journey that Brian (and his travelling companions) have taken so far this year, courtesy of their blog, Ticket42.

Finally we watched a Horrible Histories special before a lovely visit from friends that rounded off the day nicely!

Tomorrow we have lovely Forest School to look forward to, with all the usual socialising, fire-lighting, marshmallow-toasting, den-building, rope-swinging fun that is to be had there, and then we have Daddy home for more weekend fun!

So that's our week - it sounds a bit busy written all down in one place but really it's been mostly chilled-out fun, and I am relishing the break from the intensity of exam studies. Roll on next week!

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