Friday, 8 April 2016

Poetry Picnic

Friday seemed like a great day for a poetry picnic (our version of Brave Writer's poetry teatime)... end of the week chilling and all that.  Of course, I did forget that I needed to allow enough time and energy for three lots of baking (four if you count my little one at the end), so our picnic lunch was a bit late by the time all the cakes were finished.  I may need to plan it better next time!

Anyway, the baking was all successful - the boys had chosen their recipes a couple of days ago so I made sure to have the ingredients in.  Middle wanted to bake a chocolate fudge cake, Youngest made some sticky toffee squares and Eldest made some strawberry cheesecake muffins.

By the time they were all made and looking temptingly delicious I realised that I needed to make something gluten-and-dairy-free so I could enjoy baked goods too.  I tried this recipe for cinamon roll in a mug and although it looked a little uninspiring (microwaved cake always does), it tasted fab!  And Mummy was happily saved from sulking because everyone else was eating yummy cakes.

My sis and niece came to join us for (late) picnic lunch, and we ate cakes and read poetry.  Middle and Youngest found their poems on the internet and printed them off to read, while Eldest and I read poems from books that we have.  I lost my original choice of poem so had to find another last minute. Fortunately the book I used had lots of good ones to choose from.  It really is a very civilised way to have lunch!

After lunch my friend and fellow hedgehog-rescuer came over to collect Pickle, our overnight hedgehog guest.  Pickle had some nasty diarrhoea overnight and was very shaky this morning so I gave her a couple of doses of sub-cutaneous fluids and by the time my friend arrived to collect her she had perked back up again.  Still very much in need of treatment for internal parasites, but I was glad to have been able to help as if I hadn't been able to give the fluids today it is very possible that it would have been too late by the time my friend arrived. Basically it was a nice little 'feel good' moment to have been able to make a real difference.  The boys always love to have hedgehogs around and I'm glad of the chance for them to learn compassion for others, including creatures of any size.

Somehow from being a day of planned low-key activity it ended up being quite a long day, and I am now writing this at bedtime!  It was a good day though, I think poetry picnics may well become a regular experience for a while to come!

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