Monday, 18 April 2016

Riddles and Models

Trying to be quick today because it's late and I still have stuff to do (such is motherhood)

So we had a lovely week last week celebrating Eldest's 14th birthday with a visit from his best friend and family, involving a fabulous welly walk through our local woodland stream, plus lots of gaming to keep the teens happy.  Then we had another visit, this time from my lovely 'besties' (and an assortment of their family members) both of whom live in very different parts of the country, so it was utter bliss for me to have them both visit at the same time and get some long overdue quality time together, including a lovely walk through the woods and rock houses at Kinver Edge.  So not much was done by way of structured work last week: it was just wall-to-wall socialisation with some of our favourite people

This week I was unsure whether to attempt any structured work as I have still not officially moved on from my "back-off" status, but we have decided to continue with our fun standalone activities for now, unless I feel it starts taking over.

So today we started with MathsWhizz, then quickly moved on to some creative writing.  I found an exercise online describing 'five senses' poetry, but unfortunately I can't find the link now - will add later if I find it.  Anyway, I thought it would be fun to have a go at writing riddles using the five senses so I made our own adaptation (PDF here).  I wrote a couple of examples so the boys could get the idea, and then asked them to come up with one.  Middle struggled for a while but after hearing his brothers' creations, he found his inspiration.  They all made me smile.  I'll post them here, followed by all three answers so anyone interested can try to guess what the 'answer' to each is.  If anyone guesses Eldest's quirky one, I'll be mightily impressed!

By Youngest...
I see lots of trees
I hear hooting
I smell apples
I taste grass
I feel a breeze

By Middle...
I see fire
I hear swords clanging
I smell smoke
I taste raw bacon
I feel angry

By Eldest...
I see mostly black but sometimes white
I hear crunches and thuds most of the time
I smell something awful
I taste fabric
I feel slightly wet

Youngest - a forest
Middle - a pig battle
Eldest - feet (!)

After our riddles we decided to do some modelling.  We got out our 'jumping clay' which is coloured air-drying clay that is soft and blendable like playdough - and we simply had a lovely time creating until we started to run out of clay! Models shown below...

Youngest's camouflaged snails, rainbow, whale fin, tree, tadpole, worm, and wreath in the middle

Middle's fire flower, 'cheeky blob who stole Mario's hat', lochness monster + baby, and gnome

Eldest's sheep, Turtwig (pokemon), duck & ducklings on pond, and racecar

Mummy's monster, pig, gnome toes, and orca

After that it was time to go to our first session at some local Home Ed trampolining sessions with Sis and Niece.  All the kids really enjoyed it, although Eldest started to get painful sinuses towards the end so had to sit out the last ten minutes - something to keep an eye on, but otherwise, that was another lovely day!

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