Saturday, 12 March 2016

Easiest Ever Hidden-Veg Pasta Sauce

OK so I know this is a Home Education blog, but I just made this and it went down really well - it couldn't have been easier either!  It may not have anything obvious to do with education, but as one of my kids is neo-phobic when it comes to food, especially vegetables which he will not eat in any recognisable form, anything that helps them to eat decent food has to be a winner!  So I'm posting it here for my own reference & for anyone else who could use an insultingly easy recipe

Apologies for the lack of drool-inducing professional pics, but this isn't a food blog & I wasn't expecting to do a post on it until after it was eaten (not a single complaint heard!)  I figure any other mums desperate to get veg into their kids won't care about the uninspiring single photo!

NB These particular frozen veg bags are Sainsburys’ own brand.  I get nothing for recommending their product, it's just where I personally shop out of preference, so those are the ingredients I had in stock when I was looking for a really easy meal this evening.  Other supermarkets may stock similar products

 (Cook in bulk, use some and freeze the rest for future use)

Put a good slosh (about 4 tbps) of olive oil into a very large pan,
Add 2 x 500g bags of  frozen chargrilled mediterranean vegetables

Gently heat, stirring often, until soft & heated through.

Add 3 x 390g cartons of chopped tomatoes, 
half a 200g tube of tomato puree, 
1 tsp garlic salt* and 
1 tbsp herbes de provence*.
(*I didn't measure, just added to taste - measurements given are my best guess at how much I used)

Stir together and bring to boil.  Simmer for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
If it starts to stick you can add a little boiling water  When cooked, blend into a smooth sauce & use as much as you need (we use about a quarter of it at a time), then freeze the rest as a blessing to your future busy self.

We use this as pasta sauce on its own, or with minced beef for lasagne/ spag bol, or even pizza sauce.
Freeze in tubs, sauce bags, or even little cubes - it can be microwaved to defrost, if you forget to get it out the night before (Mums everywhere will surely understand).

the left over servings, ready to freeze... 
(I did say it was an uninspiring pic!)

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  1. Thankyou. I am always on the look out for batch cooking recipes.