Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Nothing Doing...

What a funny, lazy day today - no matter what I tried, I just couldn't get the boys going.  In fact, Youngest still hadn't eaten breakfast by 11.30!  They were all just about dressed by lunchtime, which doesn't make much difference as we're not going out today, but the house was too cold this morning for just PJs.  Once they had finally eaten breakfast I did mention Literacy Planet, and they all wandered off, but I doubt the computers have even been switched on yet!  If I was rigid in our structure I could try to force it, but what would be the point?  You can't make someone learn if they are not interested.  So this morning they have mainly been mooching about, playing with lego, playmobil etc and generally going s-l-o-w-l-y.  We've sorted through some things for our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes - I thought we had missed the opportunity in the general house-moving chaos, but it turns out a local church is still filling some boxes, so we are donating some goodies that they can parcel up for us.  In the past we have done boxes for children of similar age to my own - or children of similar age and gender to my Heaven-babies who I miscarried, but this year we talked about the fact that teenage boys get the least amount of boxes as they are not so much 'fun' to buy for as children who like teddies and dolls etc - so we bought stuff for teenage boys this year, and I'm glad we still managed to join in, albeit at the last minute!

Most of the rest of the morning we spent watching wildlife in our garden - a pair of rabbits who are getting increasingly bold in their hopping about and exploring the garden, and plenty of birds who are becoming regular visitors to the feeding station we put up when we moved in.  As well as the usual blue tits, great tits, coal tits etc that we used to see in our old house, we are also now seeing goldfinches and greenfinches who never visited us in Herts... very exciting!  We've been leaving food out to see if we can tempt foxes or badgers to the garden, but although it's been eaten, we won't know for sure if that's down to a local cat or something more wild until we can set up a camera trap.  That won't be this evening, due to the forecast gale-force winds, but I'm hoping soon - there can't be THAT many unpacked boxes left to search...

welcome goldfinch

cheeky chaffinch

reliable woodpigeon

pretty bluetit

greedy starling

Happy hoppity rabbits

bold squirrel (he came right up next to our patio doors)

we watched the crows and magpies for ages, all fighting over the pile of peanuts and trying to scare each other off.  The crows were quite aggressive but I think the magpies managed to carry off the greater stash in the end

Lunchtime is already upon us, so we are going to have an indoor picnic while finally watching "The Secret Life of Four-year-olds" on catch-up (it's working now, hooray!) so I'll leave you with our pictures from Monday which we all enjoyed creating.  Can you tell the boys are hoping to get some snow soon?

"Snowman looking up", by Middle

"Snowman looking at the Moon" by Youngest

"Snowman in the Night" by Eldest

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