Tuesday, 9 June 2015

30 Days Wild: Day 9, Marshmallow-toasting

Eldest was thrilled when he drew the slip out of the jar that read "toast marshmallows over a bonfire". We decided to do it during daytime as waiting for the dark at this time of the year, although undoubtedly more atmospheric, would have meant letting them all stay up very late which is not a good idea at present.  We have a brazier in the garden, so after lunch and the boys' various HE activities, we put some hay in for kindling and half-filled the brazier with sticks before lighting. The first time we tried lighting it, the hay burned out before the sticks caught light properly, but the second time it caught properly, and boy, did it burn?!

before lighting

first attempt - that smoke was as far as it got

second attempt - yep, that's on fire!

After the initial flames had died down a bit it was time to get the skewers and marshmallows, with all the usual warnings about not getting too close, plus a brief review of the "stop, drop and roll" method of extinguishing flames should your clothes catch fire - not that we were expecting to, but it never hurts to make sure we all know!  Holding the marshmallows close to the sides of the brazier proved to be the best toasting method, althoug not everyone was patient enough to wait for the marshmallows to be toasted golden brown, and they were eaten semi-raw, while others were inevitably held too close and caught fire!

getting to grips with toasting

that's how it's done!

erm... maybe a little overdone!

The boys had some friends visiting who joined in too - one of them, Sweet P, was getting a bit hot so she fashioned an extra long skewer for herself with the help of some parcel tape...

Great fun was had by all - it was lovely hearing the excited shrieks as the flames got a bit higher or burned a bit wilder.  I think out of all our 30DW challenges, this is the first one that hasn't left the boys feeling "calm" or "peaceful" - today's adjectives were "fun", "hot", "tasty", "exciting", and "thrilling".  It certainly felt wild - and very satisfying!

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