Monday, 8 June 2015

30 Days Wild: Day 8, Whale painting

We didn't see actual whales in the flesh, sadly... though that has to be on the bucket list!  Today being a Monday, and therefore Pyjama Day in this house, our wild focus took the form of TV/ Youtube documentaries and a lovely art project.

We watched an episode from our boxed set of "Blue Planet" DVDs, and a clip from Youtube showing a humpback whale breaching, and then we made a start on our art project for the day, as chosen by Youngest a couple of weeks ago from Pinterest.  We were inspired by this pinned work, but there were no instructions for creating our own, so we just made it up as we went along - first painting sheets of paper with two tones of colour, either blue and purple or blue and green, and making sure the brush strokes were visible.  Then while those sheets dried we drew a light pencil outline of a whale and painted it with watercolour shades of grey and set that to dry.  We ripped the two-tone painted paper into strips, and layered them on a sheet of pale blue backing card, making sure the ripped edges were topmost, to look like the breaking edges of the waves.  Finally we cut out the watercolour whale, stuck it to the background to look like it was either breaching or diving, and outlined with a sharpie.  It was quite a project, what with the various stages of drying paint, cutting and sticking, but we were all pleased with the result...

Youngest's diving whale

Middle's breaching whale

Eldest's diving whale

Mummy's breaching whale

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