Sunday, 7 June 2015

30 Days Wild: Day 7, Egg-collecting

Not too far from our house is a small farm that sells free-range eggs from a roadside booth.  It's one of our favourite walks to go there and back, down winding country lanes and across fields, so even though it was almost teatime by the time we had opportunity to do our "wild challenge" for the day, it was a welcome break from all the chores etc that had filled the rest of the day, and essential to my well-being to get some time outside before it was time to start the boys' bedtime routines.

We enjoyed the walk there and back, firstly spotting shapes in the clouds (the boys were clearly still inspired their first 30DW challenge!)...

a 'squirrel'

a 'hedgehog'

'great britain' (sort of!)

It was so calming listening to the birdsong all around us as we walked, and we loved pointing out the multiple different wild flowers that grew along the wayside - took photos so we could try to identify them when we got home, but haven't done so yet as it was time to quickly get tea when we got back...

We also stopped to say hello to the sheep - not particularly "wild" but definitely entertaining...

When we got to the egg-booth we were disappointed to find the eggs were all gone, but it didn't really matter as we were just enjoying time together as a family  on a nice walk, so it was certainly not a waste of time!  In fact, it is one of the most pleasant ways I know to spend time.  On the days when we don't get out of the house I am often left feeling restless, but even just a short walk through the countryside leaves me feeling restored and peaceful again - just lovely!

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