Saturday, 6 June 2015

30 Days Wild: Day 6, Park-playing

I'm not sure how wild today's activity was, although I do know the boys' behaviour would have got increasingly "wild" had we not taken them out for a play in the park!  We were visiting relatives all day, and the boys enjoyed their 2DS consoles for a while before their behaviour and interactions started to deteriorate.  Happily there is a lovely park near Nana's house, so we went there to let them run off some steam (and bounce it off, as they were thrilled to discover a bouncy castle at the park too).

There may not have been much appreciating of wildlife and nature on the boys' part - they were too busy appreciating the play equipment provided.  BUT they did all definitely benefit from being outside in the fresh air and big open spaces, and I really appreciated the opportunity to feel the refreshing breeze against my skin and the sun on my face, with the grass beneath my feet. Just the simple act of being outdoors, as so often, restores my equilibrium and restores sanity to the whole family's interaction with each other.  It makes everything feel better!

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