Friday, 5 June 2015

30 Days Wild: Day 5, Duck feeding

It was a bit miserable, weather-wise this morning, but it brightened up nicely the afternoon, and we had a long car journey ahead so I knew I needed to take the boys out for some exercise and fresh air before being stuck in the car for hours.

We grabbed our bag of duck food (bread is not good for them as it fills their tummies but provides no real nutrition) and made our way to Fairlands Valley Park, where there are always plenty of waterfowl to feed.  As usual, we used our entire bag of food before we got around the lakes - the avian parents were very demanding, as were their delightful offspring!

At one point the boys teamed up so that one boy could distract the bigger geese by ostentatiously throwing food a little distance away for them, while another quietly dropped food down to the cute little ducklings whose parents we couldn't see anywhere nearby.  We enjoyed the thought that it was a deliberate ploy to gain our sympathy - after all, doesn't every duck-feeder do their best to make sure no bird is left out of their banquet?

It was a lovely peace-restoring interlude in the middle of a very busy day - there's something about spending time with nature that forces you to slow down and just enjoy.  We loved watching all the different wildlife and laughing at their antics (although Middle wasn't keen on the Canada geese who really were very bolshy).  It really is a beautiful place to visit though - definitely one of our local favourites!


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