Wednesday, 3 June 2015

30 Days Wild: Day 3, Spying a Rainbow of Colours

Hooray for leaving the house today!  In fact we actually spent the whole day elsewhere, although not entirely outdoors.  Today was a day of Home Ed groups - first the boys played with their friends at the local soft play centre, which happily has an outdoor play area that both Middle and Youngest made good use of, enjoying the giant sandpit and playhouses.  After lunch we went to play with more friends at their regular gaming club (I know: poor home educated kids with no social life... *ahem*). I knew there was little chance of getting the boys away from the screens and into the outdoor world, especially as today was one of only two gaming weekdays in June (we have given up gaming for all other weekdays this month as part of our 30 Days Wild).  So we decided for our wild challenge that we would play a travel game on our way to our friends' house, a drive of about fifteen minutes through beautiful country lanes.  It's a game that we often play, spotting something red, something orange, yellow, green, blue and purple (violet and indigo have proved too hard to agree on), and today the extra stipulation was that each item had to be something wild, or natural (no cars or buildings allowed).  Orange actually proved to be the trickiest, but we did manage all six...

Firstly we saw green - easily and immediately - in the grass (and trees etc) around us.
Next was blue in the sky when the clouds parted,
quickly followed by the yellow sun.
The remaining three was a bit trickier, until we drove past a large beautiful bush with dark purple foliage.
Then Eldest yelled out that he had seen some poppies, crossing red off the list.
The last one took about ten minutes, until Eldest's eagle eyes noticed a tiny orange money-spider crawling along a web that it had made inside the car, fom the steering wheel to the dashboard.

No photos - sorry, but I was driving at the time!

So we still weren't strictly out in the wild - but rather in the car moving through the wild - it did help us to pay more attention to the beautiful world around us, and that's something!  And the boys may have been absorbed in their consoles at gaming club, but you can be sure that I made good use of the beautiful day and sat out in the garden, taking in the fresh air and peaceful surroundings - very restful it was too!

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