Friday, 19 June 2015

30 Days Wild: Day 19, Bug Hunting

Hedgehog care has taken over somewhat here.  William is still with us and is having treatment for capillaria (roundworm).  I'm hoping his weight loss will slow down now he's on meds.  Also the little hog with the strimmer injury is now here.  He is called Arnold and despite being pretty skinny has a good appetite, so I am hopeful for his recovery.


Yesterday's wild activity involved me doing a very thorough spring clean of the garden hedgehog shed, hoping that William and Arnold will be able to go out there soon.  They are currently inside our house where it is a bit warmer, but once they are a bit better than present they will go in the shed for the final stage of treatment.

Today I wanted the boys to be a bit more involved again, so we printed off some lovely Minibeast Hunt sheets, courtesy of Twinkl - and the boys had a good search around the front and back gardens. There was a lack of ladybirds and butterflies - maybe because it wasn't very sunny - but we found quite a few other wee beasties.  Initially the boys tried to claim there was nothing out there but ants but they knew I wouldn't fall for that, so I had them turning over stones and bits of wood, and having a closer look at the shrubs.  It always amazes me how much life is out there that we miss seeing because we don't pay attention - definitely enhances our sense of perspective!

After the garden hunt it was time for bedrooms to be tidied, and then the boys were exhibiting signs of being cooped up for too long, so I sent them back outside for a run around.  I love the way that physical exercise in the fresh air, even for a short while, is so restoring to their sanity (and therefore mine).  They are all back in now, but the clouds have cleared, so I think I'm going to go out and enjoy the sunshine some more!

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