Friday, 12 June 2015

30 Days Wild: Day 12, Gardening in Miniature and Wild Poetry

Today we had creative writing down as part of our HE loose plan - so to tie in with our 30 Days Wild challenge we decided to write poems along a wild theme.

Youngest was first, dictating his for me to type and print...

There were two kids named Bob and Bill.
Those Bob and Bill were excited.
They were going on holiday wild camping.
They had wild camping things like
wood knives, wood, flint and fire starters.
They also bought some pork belly and some bacon.
Their wood knives were good for cutting meat too.
Their Mum and Dad were experts with the wood knives
so they taught them to use the knives.
That wood was to make a wooden house in case
the tent gets blown away.
There were gale force winds that night 
so they had to use the wooden house they built.
They each were very strong and pegged the house down.
They had a fire inside the wooden house 
because the wooden house was fireproof.
They cooked their tea and had meat for food.
The littlest was great at cooking marshmallows 
but the others weren’t.
The End.

Middle started typing but then also chose to dictate.  He was determined to do an acrostic - I think he finds it easier to have a framework to provide prompts as he goes along.  It took a while as he was particularly keen to get the rhythm and rhymes right, 
just the way he wanted them...

Summer is brilliant, I love it so much.  I can see squirrels digging for nuts.
Under the ground badgers sleep with their young until dusk falls when they go out to hunt.
Mr. Robin is flying around, and then he comes down to pull worms from the ground.
Meadows are filled with rabbits and hares, and poppies and daisies amongst the warm air.
Early each morning a deer or two comes out to munch on tender shoots.
Red kites soar above the trees; summer is the season for me.

Eldest didn't take long at all.  As usual the hardest bit seems to be getting inspiration (which never takes him very long) and then he just rattles off a lovely piece of work...

Badger scurrying across a path
Not even stopping for a bath
Badger with a worm in jaw
coming home to a house filled with straw
Badger digging a bigger hole
Passing by a greedy mole
Badger filling a house with straw
Coming back to fill it more
Badger giving birth to baby cubs
Sitting next to nervous grubs
Badger going out to eat
Coming back with worm meat
Badger returning to the bigger hole
Ignoring the little greedy mole
Badger cumbs all in bed
Resting down their little heads
Good night badgers, sleep tight

I think they all did really well with their writing.  Three very different styles, each delightful in their own way - but then it is easy to please me when it comes to wildlife related things, and I am more than slightly biased when it comes to my boys regardless!  Writing isn't something that they all love to do (although it was made easier by being on a favourite theme of wildlife etc), but I really enjoy the way that when they have finished they all request an audience to listen to their spoken art, so even if it's not their first choice of activity they feel a sense of acheivement, which is lovely.

After writing we popped to the local garden centre to buy a few alpine plants for our afternoon Random Act of Wildness, which we did after a bit of first aid theory, courtesy of St John's Ambulance BigFirstAidLesson.  The boys had really enjoyed making our bee/ butterfly watering hole the other day, so we picked up a few alpine plants and some gravel, and the boys potted up a miniature gnome garden each.  They all intend to make little gnome homes to go in them, or maybe even the actual gnomes, but it won't be today as the rest of our afternoon was spent tidying up!

Youngest's garden with picket fence

Middle's garden with fishing bridge over the pond

Eldest's garden with extra flower patch

How did our wild exploits make us feel today?  Well, I think we were all proud of the poems and enjoed being able to expound upon a favourite theme.  Youngest particularly was enthused remembering one of his favourite activities, and Middle enjoyed feeling like he was in the poem.  The gnome gardens were "really exciting", "wonderful" and "cool", and provoked a nice conversation about wanting our own garden to plant lots of wildlife-friendly things in (we rent our house, so it is just a dream for us at present).  All in all, another lovely day!

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