Thursday, 11 June 2015

30 Days Wild: Day 11, Eating outdoors

With such a lovely forecast for today, there really was no question about it today - we had to spend as long as possible outside.  So after the boys' mid-morning swimming lessons we headed straight to our local playpark and had a picnic lunch there and spent at least three hours just enjoying the sunshine and running around (well, not much running here, but the boys definitely got plenty of exercise!)

Frustratingly it turned out that I hadn't taken sunscreen, despite my being sure it was in my bag earlier.  Happily I was able to text some friends who were on their way and they brought some with them - even so though, I still caught the sun a bit on one arm - there was a lovely breeze there so I didn't notice until it was too late.  It's not at all bad though, and we all had such a lovely afternoon that it was easily worth it.  At the park there is a lot of play equipment, but there are also woods to walk in and a big field to run around in, with beautiful views to the Hertfordshire countryside beyond.

The boys played on the equipment with their friends, munched on tasty food (as Enid Blyton fans will know, food always tastes better when eaten outdoors!), flew a kite, blew bubbles, dug in the dirt, threw frisbees, rolled down grassy banks and generally ran around to their hearts' content... while Mummy sat and watched, relaxing with excellent company in glorious sunshine.

It was such a refreshing afternoon.  Some of our random acts of wildness have been a little hurried lately, with us doing our best to fit them in to our busy lives.  But today... well, what a luxury to be able to spend hours just basking and playing in the great, and I mean GREAT, outdoors!  Stresses melted away and everything just feels so much better after quality time with nature.  I do feel refreshed and am just so grateful for today's "wild" opportunity.

PS Sorry no photos today - I forgot my camera.  You'll just have to take my word for how lovely it was!

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