Friday, 22 May 2015

Mixed Media Kandinsky Snails

While browsing on Pinterest we found a picture of Kandinsky-style snail art which we all loved, but the link didn't work so we had to make up our own instructions.  It looked pretty simple, so we added our own twist of flowers in the background, echoing the Kandinsky-circle theme...

We started with the backgrounds.  Middle chose a plain sheet of single colour while the rest of us chose two tone backgrounds - ripping lengthways along a piece of coloured paper for the ground and glueing it onto another coloured piece for the sky...

The next step involved oil pastels to draw long stems and Kandinsky-esque flowers on top, to provide the backdrop for our snails.  We had started off using sharpies for the flowers, as the boys see it as a big treat to be allowed to use Mummy's sharpies (they are not washable, therefore usually off-limits), but then we decided that oil pastels would be brighter and look better - all except Eldest who chose to stick with his sharpie flowers, which still look great...

For the snail's body we cut out a sausage shape from our chosen colour of paper for the snail's body...

Finally we used watercolour paints to paint concentric circles onto A5 sheets of watercolour paper (no outlines, just freehand painted circles).  If one of the colours was too wet, we left a gap and then painted another ring, and allowed them to dry before painting the circle in between, so there wasn't too much bleed.

Once the whole circle was dry we cut it out and stuck it onto the snail's body, adding a face with sharpies to finish.  For such a simple exercise, we were all really pleased with the result!

by Youngest

by Middle

by Eldest

by Mummy

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