Friday, 22 May 2015

End of a Long Week

Super-tired mum, checking in to write the last blog post this week... just because today was actually a good day, despite my feeling pretty pooped.  It hasn't been the most peaceful of days, with a couple of run-ins with a boy or two, but all things considering, I am still pleased with how we did.

Literacy Planet was first this morning.  Youngest whizzed through his - he's comfortably completing all but one of the year three exercises (he would be year one in school).  The only one he has any issue with is putting words into alphabetical order, so we are going through that together.  He can do it, but not at yr 3 level yet.  Meanwhile Eldest took half an hour to get his computer booted up, for some reason - and Middle was distracted by all the fabulous Lit. Planet arcade games... I may have to supervise his exercises in real time if I want to know how well he is doing as I haven't found a way to review their work afterwards as a parent yet.  That would be frustrating though, and would take some juggling to be able to watch both Middle and Youngest.

Once the boys had all finished (Youngest played Medieval maths on my ipad while he waited) I let them browse through my art & craft board on Pinterest and see if they could agree on a short project to have a go at.  They couldn't quite decide between Minecraft-style selfies, a whale painting and Kandinsky-style tree... and then we stumbled on a related link of Kandinsky-style snails which we all loved, so although the Pinterest link didn't work, we made it up with our own twist (you can follow the steps we took in this link)...

Youngest's snail, "Bob"

Middle's snail, complete with oil-pastel slime trail

Eldest's snail amongst sharpie flowers

Mummy's snail

After our mixed-media art project the boys were all determined to do some more writing on the stories they had started on Weds (see below for today's chapters) after which it was time for lunch, and then time to release our butterflies!  As we do every year, we had raised some caterpillars from Insect Lore, which all successfully pupated, and emerged over the last two days.  I had taken them out into the garden yesterday to see if the first two to emerge wanted to fly free, but they refused to leave their habitat, so we left them until today, by which time the others had also emerged.  At first I was concerned that they were going to stay put again, but we managed to encourage the ones who had crawled onto sticks by oh-so-carefully removing the sticks-with-butterflies-on from their habitat, and leaving them (still on sticks) on our picnic bench to warm up in the sun, when it eventually came out.  It took a while, but they all fluttered away quite happily - another batch successfully set free!  What a lovely way to welcome the weekend!

our "Painted Lady" butterflies, still in their habitat

Youngest wanted me to take a picture of the empy chrysalises

Painted Lady on a stick!

Having a rest in the garden before fluttering away

The Potty, by Youngest 
(not a chapter, but another "story-poem")

Once upon a time there were three kids, two grown-ups and one baby.
That baby had a potty.
That potty was a special magic potty.
It shot lasers to get rid of the poo and wee in the potty.
One day that baby learned to use a toilet.
They tried to throw the potty in the bin but the baby didn’t want them to.
He said, “we could just give the potty to some other baby”
So the potty was sent to another baby.
The End.

LUCAS' POKEMON ADVENTURE - Chapter 2 (by Middle)

In the morning Lucas got his pokeballs out of the drawer and he went downstairs.  His Mum gave him some new shoes because his old boots were getting a bit tight around the ankles.
After breakfast he got dressed and went outside to the forest, and found a Nutter pokemon that looked like a small brown nut.  He sent out Chickfire, and told Chickfire to use the ember move.  It wasn’t very effective so it didn’t too much damage.  The Nutter used the plonk move which did lots of damage so Lucas retrieved Chickfire and sent Bobble out.  The Nutter used plonk again but Bobble used the watergun move which was super effective and did lot of damage so the Nutter fainted.  Bobble got experience (XP) points, levelled up twice to level eight, and learned the flop move. 

Lucas was tired from the battle so he sat down and decided to have a better look at his new shoes.  He discovered a little pack at the bottom of the heel on the right shoe.  It had a little Bobble toy inside, which he put in his backpack, and found some lunch inside so he ate it, while lying on a log and looking up at a flock of majestic chickfire flying around.

He decided to go to town and ask the professor how to heal his pokemon.  Professor Brian said that there were three options.  Option number one was to use a healing potion.  Option number two was to use a super-potion which would heal him and give him more hit points.  Option number three was to go to the Pokecentre and ask Nurse Joy to heal his pokemon.  The professor gave him five potions and two super-potions and told him to be careful because they’re not unlimited, but they are good if you can’t get to a pokecentre quickly enough.  So Lucas went to the Pokecentre across the street and aske Nurse Joy if she would heal his chickfire.  Nurse Joy healed it in a couple of seconds and gave it back to Lucas.  He said “Thank you” and went home.

When he got home he saw his mum making tea.  Behind her was a great ball which he had never seen before…

The Silver Lake (by Eldest) 
Chapter two: Kukupata

Deep in the forest behind Rod, a greenish creature was being chased by some sort of half human half wolf things. The creature was called Kukupata. Kukupata was a weird thing to look at because he is one of those things that can’t be unseen. He was a weird sort of green colour like a green that decided it didn’t want to look green so it tried to look different but got stuck somewhere in middle creating a colour that feels like green  but doesn’t look it, and shaped like a hunch backed human with frog eyes. The wolf things chasing him was actually baby mice but I’ll talk about them further in to the book. Kukupata had just about lost the half wolf things when he hear someone on the beach. He looked out from in the grasses and saw Rod. Rod not knowing someone was watching him went for a sit in the sea to think, when Kukupata decided to scream really loudly. The reason why is that Kukupata is a seriously scaredy-cat who thinks the best way through life is to run away or scream at anything that moves. Having purposely ignored the scream Rod came out the water and looked for a hot place to rest and sunbathe but without luck because it had been raining there before had Rod arrived. Then Kukupata decided to take a closer look at this creature ( called Rod ) but tripped over a piginin which is just like a pig but because of strange reasons is very small about the size of your foot. Rod turned around to Kukupata who had large teeth and was obviously hungry, and said “wanna soda?” The creature didn’t know how to respond to that so it took the can from Rod and said “Thanksy” which means ‘thanks but I don’t know what to do with it’. He drank it though thanks to Rod accidently demonstrating what to do and ‘kindly’ encouraging Kukupata to copy by staring at him and shouting “why aren’t you doing anything?” But liking the tast of the soda so much made friends with him at least Rod thought he had because as they shook hands Kukupata had a slightly evil smile on half his face and a happy kind smile on the other half as he said “migs will be bappy with meees when meees bring molf some foody”

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