Friday, 29 May 2015

30 Days Wild

As part of this week's planning for the upcoming half-term, we were all immediately thrilled to find out about the Wildlife Trusts' new Challenge: 30 Days Wild which requires us to do something "wild" or nature-based, every day through the whole of the month of June.  Well that's right up our street, so we signed up right away!  Sad to say, we haven't received our pack through the post (they have had a LOT of interest, which is great), but all is not lost as the sign-up email also included downloads of the calendar wallchart (which we have printed off) and a booklet of wild ideas.

Having received the download links, I have to say I have been so distracted by trying to research IGCSEs that I had forgotten all about it, until I noticed today how close we are to the end of May, so I sat down and jotted down a few ideas, wondering how long it would take to come up with enough to keep us going for the whole month.  Well, I needn't have worried as I very quickly came up with 33 ideas. I typed them up, printed them off, cut into individual suggestions, folded them and popped them into a jar, so the boys can take it in turns to draw out a challenge for each day.  I know thirty-three is too many, but that allows for rejects according to weather (it's hard to make sun prints when it's raining) or not enough time or inclination that day.  Some challenges are more involved than others, and if the boys come up with their own ideas instead of my suggestions, so much the better!

Anyway, here's a PDF of my suggestions if you fancy the challenge but can't think of enough ideas (or like me, have left it to the last minute).  Most of the ideas cost little to no money, although obviously not everyone has a camera trap to hand, so feel free to reject some ideas or substitute your own.  If you are taking part you might like to join the Facebook  community page here, and share the fun!

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