Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Egg-citing Times

I really need to get into the swing of setting up invitations etc before I go to bed as once all the boys are up (usually before me), either I am too busy playing catch-up, or they just go off and find their own entertainment before I can get set up.  Happily this morning Hubby was home, so he took the boys out to breakfast which gave me time to strew some books, set up a provocation in the lounge, and a challenge in the kitchen.  When they got back, Eldest found the challenge first...

Eldest was at first intrigued, then you could see his brain start whirring... but then he said that the faces put him off as he didn't want to kill Boris and Billy!!!  I just left it, hoping that he might come back to it after his session on Literacy Planet.  Meanwhile Middle found the provocation...

He called out "what are the magnets in the front room for?"  I said I thought he or his brothers might like to play with them, and he yelled "thanks!" and got stuck straight in.  It's funny, if Youngest had found them first he'd have just started playing without a second thought, but I suppose Middle is more cautious by nature. He enjoyed playing while Youngest  got started on Literacy Planet, and then they swapped (I wanted them to use Literacy Planet one at a time with me, while we work our way around the site).  By this time their friends had arrived, so Eldest disappeared to his room with his friend to listen to music and generally be teenagers.  However Youngest and Middle were inspired by the thrill-seeking eggs in the kitchen, and invited their friend, eight year old 'Sweet Pea' to join them. Middle and Sweet Pea formed a team to help Billy achieve his dream, and Youngest decided to help Boris.  Both parties wanted to use the cardboard tube and bubble wrap, so said items were divided in half and shared.  Middle and Sweet Pea used their entire half of the sheet of bubble wrap, wrapping it around the outside of a parcel tube, before helping Billy to climb aboard.

(Not quite a bungee, given the lack of elastic cord!)

interesting place to put the bubble-wrap...

Billy bravely climbing aboard

All sealed and ready to launch
Youngest mainly stuffed bubble wrap inside his tube, helped Boris aboard and then used copious amounts of parcel tape to seal it.  There was a bit of a hairy moment when a slip left Boris with a hairline crack down his middle, but he bravely pressed on with the mission...

The rather pessimistically-named "Boris's rocket crash"

bubble-wrap inside and out

Boris proceeding despite injury

Sealed in, with handy loop at end to enable Youngest to lower him at the very start

Both teams went upstairs to Eldest's bedroom, which overlooks the garden, and then launched Boris and Billy down to the patio below.  Their capsules survived intact, so we went to get scissors to reopen and see how the brave eggs had fared...

Billy landed at the edge of the patio...

Boris managed to land in a bucket

First we opened Middle and Sweet Pea's capsule for Billy, to be met by a grisly sight (apologies to the squeamish)...

Poor Billy.  We consoled ourselves that at least he perished fulfilling his ambition - but we were concerned for Boris who was already injured before the launch.  Coud he possible have made it without further damage?  In a word, no.  However his damage was initially limited to a cranial fracture (with 'brains' escaping), and Youngest clearly felt that he had no future, so quickly finished him off (in other words, smashed the egg to pieces).

As a project, it was pretty much a failure (RIP, Boris and Billy) - but as a challenge, it certainly succeeded in engaging the boys, even if it was the younger two who fully joined in, rather than Eldest who I had thought would like it but was in fact being a teenager playing music in his room with a friend.  And actually I am a big believer in "failing forward": failure is not the end, it is a step in the process to success.  So I was really pleased with the result.  We won't leave it there - we will revisit the experiment soon to see what we have learned and see if we can "fail forward".

Regardless of success or failure though, Middle and Youngest were so enthused by the eggs that they went on to draw egg-people, one for everyone present.  However nobody (that I am aware of) even looked at the strewn books.  Ah well, I guess they were having too much fun being provoked and challenged.  Such is the joy of interest-led learning.  And after all I can just strew the same books on other days - there's every chance they may appeal when there aren't such egg-citing alternatives to join in with (sorry, couldn't resist).

 Middle's Egg-people (Youngest's have disappeared already!)

Unsuccessfully strewn - this time, at least

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