Monday, 9 March 2015

Swapping Pyjamas for Wellies

Well that was a fun day!  Mondays are usually sacred to pyjama-wearing and staying at home, but today we had an invitation that was too good to pass up: to meet with a few friends not too far away and explore their local nature reserve this afternoon.  Wellies and a change of clothes were advised: what further temptation did we need?!

So this morning we dutifully did some "work": Mathswhizz to start with, and then the boys did some more on their illuminated verses while listening to "Spring" by Vivaldi.  Eldest has now finished his; Middle's is almost complete and Youngest is still working on his - he wasn't really in the mood today.

Eldest's illuminated Bible verse

After the boys worked on their verses I introduced them to a game that I had been taught last night by a friend.  Said friend very kindly left the game behind so I could see if the boys liked it as much as I thought they might.  They did.  It's called Fluxx (we played the star version), and I have no idea how to describe it, except to say that it's a card game for which the rules change throughout the game, and which involves very little strategy: winning is more about chance than skill.  It took a little while to get used to, but the boys all got the hang of it quickly enough to enjoy the game, and I think it will become a firm favourite.

Once we had played, Eldest wanted to do an art activity, but we needed the time to get our spare clothes etc ready for our trip out, so we've planned the art activity for tomorrow instead.  We loaded the car with wellies and spare clothes... and then discovered that our SatNav was in Daddy's car!  A short while later, having worked out generally where we were going, we made our way - and found it without too much trouble (only had to ask for directions once).

It was a glorious walk!  Particularly because there was a stream running through the woods which the boys gleefully climbed into at first chance and waded along...

Eldest climbed out again surprisingly quickly - he just wanted to walk and chat.  It's sad to think he may be growing too old for such mucking about, but maybe he just wasn't in the mood today.  Anyway, Middle thoroughly enjoyed wading, despite quickly discovering that his wellies leaked... and as for Youngest - well, he got soaked up to his armpits and absolutely loved it!  In fact I think the highlight of his day, or even week, may have been when his wellies got stuck in mud and he had to be carried across the stream in his socks!

After we returned from our walk and changed out of all sodden clothes, we stayed at our friends' house and the boys played with their friends... there were quite a few boys present, and any thoughts I had that the walk may have worn them out were quickly disproved by the gleeful shireks and stampede that ensued.  Sadly two of the boys were hurt in the chaos - Eldest is still sporting a fat lip, bless him, but he himself said it was simply down to overexcitedness, and he hid the item that had initiated the rambunctious behaviour, in order to help the others calm down.  I was really proud of how he handled it - my boy is growing up!

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