Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Some Days You Just Survive!

That was a busy weekend!  We came home yesterday after a long weekend way with the family, and were all very tired - no surprises there!  Usually when we are away for the weekend and come back on a Sunday I mentally allow Monday as a lazy day because I know everyone will be tired, but this weekend as we didn't get back until Monday I somehow forgot about the whole tired thing, and decided that as we were missing two whole days of HE this week (Monday travelling and tomorrow at soft play) as well as Friday last week travelling, we needed to plan for some more busy days... today being one of them.

Big mistake.  I can't even imagine what I was thinking.  Well actually I'm pretty sure I wasn't thinking. Suffice to say this morning did not go as planned.  Our bit of Bible on forgiveness, brotherly love etc did go nicely (phew) and the boys all managed Mathswhizz, allowing for Eldest's internet connection dropping out, Middle being distracted by other programs on the PC, and Youngest having a couple of "not interested" moments!  This took a long time however, and my other planned activity for the day - history (Domesday Book) - was something that I felt needed more attention that the boys were clearly able to give.  Fine, I thought: I'd just swap today's activity with Friday's, and do some art.  I decided to avoid painting, just in case they were still a bit reluctant as last month, so I chose something different (but still from Deep Space Sparkle): a lesson based on Keith Haring's art.  You know, it was a lovely activity, and once they settled they really enjoyed it - but I have to confess that to begin with there was a fair amount of jostling, shoving and over-tired sniping, which at once point culminated in me telling them I felt like sending them back to school.  Of course I wouldn't send them back, and they know that (I made sure they still knew it), but I was so fed up of the complaining that for one moment I really was not enjoying them all being around me and they knew it!  Really if I had not also been so tired I think I would have spotted that it might have been a good idea to ditch the plans entirely, but brain fog over-ruled sense and experience, and we pushed on.

Actually, in the end we enjoyed ourselves and the boys did produce some nice art before we finally made lunch and switched the TV on (to watch "Meet the Orang-utans" ) with a collective sigh of relief.  Note to self: no matter the day, always allow downtime the day after a long car journey!  And really it could have been worse: I could have attempted the history "lesson" *laughs hysterically imagining how that would have gone*. So OK it could have been better, but at least it wasn't a total disaster!

Mummy's "Night Fever"

Eldest's "Butt-kickers"

Middle's "Acrobats"

Youngest's "Party People"

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