Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Shakespeare all Week

As mentioned yesterday, this week is officially "Shakespeare Week", so I thought it was a nice opportunity to have a bit of a look at some Shakespeare with the boys - and today was our best day to do nothing but Shakespeare.  We continued with the Shakespeare-inspired insult-of-the-day, today's being "Thou superfluous, stretch-mouthed block!", and then read a book about Shakespeare (Usborne).  It turned out to be quite long, and Youngest's interest started to wander, so we paused after the first three chapters to do some activities.  I had downloaded a few of the activity sheets from the official Shakespeare Week website, but the ones I printed turned out to be too schoolish and didn't go down well (although Eldest completed his quickly)...

One of the things I love about Home Ed is the ability to adapt our plans as we go along, or even ditch them completely in favour of something else.  And that's what we did today.  Of the many sheets I had printed off in my enthusiasm, only the one was completed by Eldest - and we couldn't read through the book in one sitting, so instead we watched an interactive film exploring the Globe which they really enjoyed, plus some Horrible Histories clips (the bard on Mastermind, and Shakespeare's song), plus the trailer for "Bill" (if only the actual film had been released in time for Shakespeare Week).  Then the boys were happy to listen to the second part of the book, and they drew pictures inspired by the story...

 Youngest's page one: "flip the page to see who is writing"

Youngest's page two: "Mr William Shakespeare"!

Middle's picture of the Globe on fire

Eldest's Portrait of Shakespeare

Finally we watched an animated version of the Tempest from a DVD set that we have - I'm also planning to watch A Midsummer Night's Dream with them on Thursday, and will continue with the insults all week  As an English major I'm thrilled to have been able to share some of Shakespeare's world with my boys in a way that - eventually - they found fun.

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