Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Child-led Fun

Today we continued the even less structured approach as per yesterday's post.  Yet again the boys took ages to come downstairs for breakfast as they were engrossed in a game in their rooms.  Once they were down they helped me unpack the groceries that had been delivered, and then (even before breakfast) were distracted by the arrival of a map I had ordered.  It's a "scratch map" of the British Isles, the idea being that we scratch off every county we have visited and then try to scratch off as many more as we can during our travels.  They all ran to get coins and were merrily scratching away until we hit a problem: for many of the counties, the top layer was resisting our coins and was impossible to scratch off.  Bless them, they were so disappointed.  Happily I had ordered it through Amazon, who are great at replacing faulty items, so I have arranged to return it and have another on the way - here's hoping the next one works as they were all most enthusiastic about it...

With the map put away again I suggested breakfast might be a good idea (it was 9:30 by now!) - and then as we were all together we had another look at their "Brother Offended" Bible Study, which they are remembering well, at least when they are sat down and not in the middle of an aargument!  After that I asked them what they would like to do for "English".  Youngest chose his workbook, Middle played "Spell Ninja" on my ipad, and Eldest carried on writing a fill-in-the-blanks Pokemon themed story for his brothers (he started writing it the other night at bedtime).

Following that we had a couple of games of Boggle Slam (again, adapting the rules so that Middle and Youngest weren't at a total disadvantage), and then while we tidied up we put on some loud gospel music and had a good dance and play with some percussion instruments - great fun!

After lunch the boys' had some friends around so we al watched a programme on the Romans together.  We may not be studying the Romans at the moment, but our friends are, and I found a programme on the BBC Learning Zone (in the early hours of the morning) that our friends can't record, so we recorded it for them and all watched together.  I was pleased that Eldest in particular remembered a lot of details about the Romans from last year, that he was chipping in with as the programme played.

So as predicted yesterday, today was lots of fun as the boys took more control over what we did.  There are only a couple of differences between what we are doing now, and what we will be doing for the "Easter holidays": firstly, I am still asking them to do maths and english on alternate days, and secondly I am paying attention and keeping a record of what they are doing for my Home Ed diary.  In the holidays there will be no parent-led requirements of the learning variety, and I will be keeping no records (except probably taking loads of photos if we go out, because that's just what I do).  I love our little bit of structure while we have it - and I love the more relaxed approach we're enjoying now too!

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