Monday, 2 February 2015

Mellow Monday (no computer games)

 Back home after an exciting and busy weekend away in historic York, and today really needed to be low-key.  I was pleased to rediscover that the planner only had mathswhizz and an art project on it - and actually, after maths even the suggested art project was hjacked by the boys' own plans!  As I realised last week, they have had enough of making pictures with paints and/ or pastels, so I had been looking for something else anyway, but meanwhile Eldest reminded me of a craft he had found on Youtube a while ago, making Pokeballs. We had all the necessary resources apart from some white craft foam, but when I saw what it was needed for I suggested white card instead - and they were off!  I stayed out of the kitchen and they did it entirely by themselves, with Eldest telling his brothers how to do it... just lovely!

Youngest's Pokeball

Middle's Pokeball

Elddest's Ultraball

I love it when they have their own ideas and are equipped to just run with them!  Anyway, after that, and some other general tidying and playing, it was time for lunch - and Mummy's choice of TV.  Frustratingly our DVD set on the Vikings (by Neil Oliver) has gone missing - but happily, on catch-up TV  I found an episode made of excerpts from the whole series, which was perfect, so we watched that today, and the boys loved spotting the Jorvik centre and other facts that they already know!

For the rest of the afternoon I decided that we needed a computer-free day as recently they have got into the habit of playing on the Wii U or 2DS every afternoon, and it seems to overstimulate their brains in a way that isn't healthy when they are tired.  I've been pleased by how well they've done today actually - there have been a few complaints about not being able to play their console games, but not as many as I half-expected, and they have generally just entertained themselves with no suggestion of the B-word ("bored").  They've played board games (Sum SwampAngry Birds Space Race, Rubiks Race, watched some TV (mostly 'You've Been Framed' and 'Riders of Berk'), Eldest read his Pokemon handbook (again), Middle read a book on Cezanne and Youngest read a story about foxes and then spent a while playing with our human body magnet set...

For a day without the boys' beloved console games, that was remarkably peaceful... I am definitely going to have to try this more often!

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