Monday, 26 January 2015

Taking Stock

I can't believe this is only our fourth week of the year - we've been getting so much done, it feels like January is going on for ever!  Actually I think Middle is starting to flag a little.  He is usually the first one to show signs of having done enough 'work', and that seemed to be true today.  Either that or he was tired and having an 'off' day, as everything seemed to be a huge effort for him today.

We started off with Maths as usual - and although he complained greatly about how hard it all was, when I went to sit with him it turned out it was really not difficult for him at all; he was just not in a good place mentally to start with.  A little encouragemnt and he was up and running, so no big problems.

After Maths we went outside briefly to take the readings from our weather station that we built a couple of weeks ago and had then promptly forgotten about!  I've now written it onto the planner to check it every day, so hopefully we'll remember.  The boys were all quite keen on that activity at least - and it was very brief, so all good there.

Following that it was time to do something arty. There was a bit of complaining from Middle and Youngest, which is not at all usual when it comes to art projects.  Once we got started though, they regained their enthusiasm, and it went well.  We may just need to change from paints and pastels to sketching or clay etc, but I do think today's pictures were very sweet...

Youngest's Polar Bears

Middle's Polar Bears

Eldest's Polar Bears

The final activity was probably a step too far, but I really wanted to look a bit more at the Vikings before our upcoming trip to the Viking museum, so I read them the story of AEthelred the Unready, and they drew a picture about their chosen part of the story.  Middle took a very long time to complete his - I think it was a combination of writing the sentence at the top (he is not keen on writing) and just the fact that he saw it as 'work'.  

Eldest's illustration

Youngest's illustration

Middle's illustration

So we may need to ease off on the parent-led activities for a bit - I'll see how we get on tomorrow, but am happy to rethink the schedule if necessary.  After all, if the boys aren't enjoying it they are unlikely to be learning anyway, and I don't believe in activity for activity's sake.  We'll just see how this week progresses...

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