Thursday, 22 January 2015

Struggles and Blessings

The lovely thing about having had a couple of days rest at the beginning of the week is that the boys now have plenty of energy for getting on with things towards the end of this week.  Usually by Thursdays they are starting to lag slightly and after swimming we mostly come home and crash, but today they were totally up for a bit more activity!

Youngest and Eldest did some handwriting first thing this morning.  There was a bit of a hiccup at swimming when Youngest - still processing his dentist traumas from yesterday - decided he couldn't do what the teachers were asking so promptly ignored them, resulting in him having to leave the pool early.  They seemed quite understanding, agreeing he'd never done that before, so hopefully he'll be fine next week.  It's a tricky one though as he's such a livewire it's not obvious when he's upset - it just looks like naughtiness.  I'm so grateful that through Home Ed I have been able to get to know all my boys so well, and I could see past Youngest's behaviour this morning to the invisible underlying struggles.  We just need to allow him time to recover - not letting him 'get away with' bad behaviour necessarily, but not blaming him for feeling out of control either.

Anyway, after swimming we came home and Youngest helped me to bake some brownies while Eldest tidied up and Middle started his handwriting...

Then Youngest asked if they could do our Vikings jigsaw, so I suggested we do our art first, then the table would be free for the jigsaw which would probably take longer.  We did the 'Colour Wheel Giraffe' from Deep Space Sparkle, wth lovely results.  Despite being aimed at grade 2, it was pretty easy even for Youngest (the boys are all very familiar with mixing paint colours), so it was a nice gentle art activity to round off the morning...

Eldest's Giraffe

Middle's Giraffe

Youngest's Giraffe

We ran out of time to start the jigsaw as we had friends here this afternoon, but happily it is on the schedule for tomorrow anyway, so once they've done Maths and English in the morning they can start on the jigsaw, and we will have caught up with everything that was on the planner for this week!  I'm not quite sure how we managed that, but am very happy about it!

Incidentally, I have had some lovely comments about my blog over the last couple of days, and I just want to thank those of you who have been so encouraging.  I always hope that I am somehow helping someone somewhere by keeping it up, and it's so lovely to hear that it seems to be working that way!  Long may it continue :)


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    1. Thanks Mary - they love receiving comments like that :) x