Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Nothing Like According to Plan

It was my lovely Middle's birthday this Monday - his choice of party was to have friends over to play on the Wii U and eat pizza, his only problem being that he now has too many friends to be able to invite them all: what a lovely reversal from when he was at school!  Anyway, I had allowed Monday as our week's day off on the planner, knowing that nothing was going to get done - and it all went to plan: lots of noise, fun, and no work at all!  However I hadn't factored in the fact that because he had his first ever sleepover that night, none of them got a lot of sleep.  Late to bed and early awake left all the children too tired to attempt any work the next day, even after sleepover buddy had gone home!  So Tuesday was written off work-wise as well.  Ah well, flexibility is one of the big blessings of HE, so I let go of my planner and enjoyed a day of doing very little other than refereeing tired squabbles and sorting out some of my old photos while the boys played (a treat that I rarely get time to do).

This morning I was hoping to see a return to our planned schedule, although as Youngest had a denstist appointment first thing I wasn't sure if he would be in the mood to get anything done afterwards.  I left Eldest and Middle with Daddy with instructions to complete their mathswhizz exercises for the day before we got back to do some further work.  Basically it didn't go to plan at all.  Eldest did do his mathswhizz, but Middle 'forgot', and Youngest's appointment turned into two hours of him trying and failing to pluck up courage to have the second of two numbing injections.  We gave up in the end, but the morning was already gone by then.

I had a look at the schedule to see if we could attempt any of the activities, and was pleased to see the Horrible Histories Vikings DVD was set for yesterday, which the boys were happy to watch over lunch today.  Following that, we had a new book delivered in the post that I had been looking forward to, it being by one of our favourite picturebook authors : "The Day the Crayons Quit" by Oliver Jeffers.  So we read the book together, and then the boys drew some pictures to make the crayons happy - lots of fun!

by Middle

by Eldest

by Youngest

So it may not have looked anything like what we had planned, but given the way the week has developed, I'm pretty happy with today's work!

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