Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Easing Off

There was a much nicer feel to today!

After the strains of Monday and yesterday I deliberately kept the activities light and easy today: Mathswhizz for Eldest and Middle, as they enjoy it - and various maths ipad apps for Youngest (still trying to find a good one, but I'm not too bothered while he's so young).

We took the readings from the weather station again, with Eldest showing Youngest how to work out wind direction - that took less than two minutes!

I knew anything too demanding would be a no-go, so then I gave them some sheets I had found online and printed off, showing Viking runes alongside our alphabet, and asked them to write coded messages in Viking.  Well that was a great success - they all wrote something fairly simple and then enjoyed it so much they carried on doing more!  I can't show any examples here as they mostly used each others' real names, but it was a great success!

It was 11am by this point, and I just left them to their own devices - no further planned activities, just happily occupied quietness, right up until lunchtime when we watched two episodes of History Hunt (recorded from BBC2's learning zone), and then we all tidied up so they could play computer games when their grandparents arrived to babysit while I went to the GP.

What a lovely peaceful day it has been!  So much of Home Education is learning how to spot what season you are in, whether full-steam ahead or taking a breather etc - and it's been lovely to be able to just back off and still get things done, just at a different pace.  I've adjusted the schedule so we have a lighter workload to the end of this week, and then we will see how they're doing by next week.  I do love this life!

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