Friday, 16 January 2015

Catch-up Chaos

The second half of this week has been a bit madder than the first two days, mainly because of the unexpected additional pressure of Youngest needing an emergency dentist appointment, picking up antibiotics for an abcess, and generally dealing with the pain the poor little chap has been in, resulting in him being a lot less lively or resilient and needing a lot more attention than usual. Anyway we shifted priorities to work around medicines and cuddles, but still managed to have a busy week.

On Wednesday Niece was with us, and the weather was cold but bright, so after the boys did some Maths we went for a lovely walk to buy eggs from our local smallholding.  Walking instead of taking the car is another tick on our Wildlife Action Awards checklist, but it's always a pleasure anyway.  We found icy puddles and frosty leaves, squelched through lots of mud, spotted a gap in the fence where a fox or badger has pushed through, tracked horseshoe prints, watched a red kite wheeling overhead - oh, and bought some lovely fresh free range eggs, dropping past to say "thank you" to the hens before going home again.  Then our wildlife-spotting got even better over lunch as the children spotted two muntjac deer and a fox roaming around the woods behind our house  We all had a happy time watching them with the kids keeping track of where they all were and pointing them out so I could try to get a photo (not great results:  too many trees in the way!)  That was it for the day though - according to the planner we were due to read "The Snowflake (a water cycle story)", but I had to take Youngest to the dentist, so it was left for another day.

On Thursday we all had a late start to the day after a disturbed night, so we skipped the scheduled English and went straight to the boys' swimming lessons (Youngest wasn't feeling up to joining in).  When we got home they did some English then: Youngest on my ipad,  Middle continuing with last week's test, and Eldest did a little handwriting rather than his workbook (he really does his best work first thing; I was pretty sure if I had pushed the matter it could have turned into a big trauma for both of us).  I got to choose the first TV programme of course, so we watched "All Over the Place" - a CBBC programme about different countries that the boys enjoy, this one covering the UK.  In the afternoon Youngest just wanted to snuggle and play on my ipad (he particularly enjoyed "Clouds and Sheep", and listening to the stories on the Bible app).  I was very thankful when the antiobiotics seemed to have started working by bedtime and he was giggling like his usual self before he went to sleep.

So this morning was scheduled to be our 'nothing planned except maybe a game' morning - the idea being that we would just leave lots of space for the boys to do their own thing.  As it turned out, Middle, Youngest and I spent quite a while tidying and sorting their bedroom, ready for a birthday sleepover after the weekend, and Eldest did the English workbook that he missed yesterday. We watched "Nature's Weirdest Events" on TV, which Eldest loves, finally read the Story of the Snowflake, and played the game "Exact Change" that I had earmarked for today.  Eldest and Middle then went to try out a Raspberry Pi/ coding group with Daddy that they both seemed to enjoy, while Youngest and I stayed home.  His mouth is still sore, but he's a lot better in himself now, thankfully!

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