Thursday, 13 November 2014

Time to Remember...

November is a great month for Home Ed ideas!

First we had Bonfire Night: "Remember remember the fifth of November..." - so we read a lovely little book on the Gunpowder Plot together, simple enough to hold all the children's interest, but detailed enough to explain a bit of the background, then they all drew a related picture.  My 10 year old niece was also visiting - she is also home educated now, and my sister was working, so she joined in with what we were doing...

Niece's "Bonfire Night"

Middle's "Gunpowder Plot: the plan"

Youngest's "Queen Mary" (explaining the reason behind the plotting)

Eldest's "Gunpowder Cellar"

Then this week we had Remembrance Day, which has prompted some lovely conversations.  We focused on World War One because of the centenary.  We watched some original footage, courtesy of the free Royal British Legion education pack, talked about a huge range of topics, from how to tell the difference between your army and the other army on the battlefield, to fighting families, and why we have a day especially for remembering.  We observed two minutes silence (well, Youngest almost managed it), painted poppy pictures inspired by some we found on Artsonia, and we played "World war one bingo" (PDF file available here), with me taking a question card at random, asking it, and then the boys putting Haribo on the square showing the correct answer - when they got four in a row they could eat them, although they preferred to wait until they had a full house!




For both topics we really appreciated the opportunity to use a 'starting point' resource, whether a book, website or other idea, and then springboard off that with naturally occurring questions, leading to further activities wherever our interest leads.  It's a really natural style of home education that suits us most, and I love it!

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