Friday, 24 October 2014

.... Aaaand breathe

So in Herts at least, half-term starts here.  Not that we are tied to school holidays in the sense that we learn when we want to, go out when we want to, rest when we want to etc - but we do have a week of no groups to go to: no craft club, swimming, science club, animation class, topic group etc, as all have stopped for half-term.  I still have my physio appointment, but otherwise we have a whole week free of planned events... bliss!  I have never known a season as hectic as this one since we started home educating, and I am really looking forward to the rest!  I love all the groups etc, but part of me feels like we have been too busy for me to enjoy learning at home with the boys, and I miss that.

Hence the "aaaand breathe".  Time for a break - time to slow down and just enjoy being together - and take stock of the groups - which ones are really helpful and/ or enjoyable, and ask if any have maybe run their course.  It is that season where the temptation to retreat to our den and hibernate is getting stronger - as temperatures outside decrease, so the desire to stay inside our warm house and just enjoy a cosy pace of learning increases.

Like today - Eldest went out to animation and then we all went to Science club and had fun (Middle particularly) experimenting with making "elephant's toothpaste".  But my favourite bit of the day?  It was this morning when, snuggled up with Mummy, Youngest completed his last ever Reading Eggs lesson, and earned a gold certificate.  Such a proud moment!  He was a little concerned that he had cheated on one stage (it wasn't a deliberate cheat, he just got carried away hitting enter, which unexpectedly seemed to over-ride that particular lesson), but I was able to reassure him and say that he deserved the 'Gold Cup' certificate because the "cheated" bit wasn't involved in the final test - and anyway, he had worked hard to understand all the lessons and is now a Very Good Reader.

My other favourite part of the day, Middle's squeals of delight at the expanding elephant's toothpaste notwithstanding, was the "Autumn" poem that Middle wrote (dictated to me) and then illustrated. Again, he was snuggled up to me while I typed... I'm spotting a theme here!  It was such a lovely cosy moment, capturing everything that he loves about the season... really special!

So I'm hoping that next half-term will be a slower, steadier pace, with perhaps less clubs (and hopefully less poorly hedgehogs - nine at one point in September was quite overwhelming), and more time to simply snuggle while we explore the world from our front room - I cherish those moments as they are the stuff that anchor our relationships and that happy memories are made of.

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