Tuesday, 2 September 2014

So Far, So Planned (ish)

Well the "plan" has been really helpful so far!

Yesterday the boys were all eager to get back into the swing of things. Mathswhizz first, which they all enjoy (after Mummy did the morning hedgehog clean-out of course), and then Youngest spotted the 'Deadly Defenders' game on CBBC while I was trying to find some information for a friend.  His brothers were still occupied with maths, so he had a play - it's great!  They all ended up having a go - it's quite addictive, and as it comprises wildlife knowledge with math skills and strategizing, I didn't mind at all!

We then got to our Art activity.  I had planned to do the 'Cave Art' module from our Deep Space Sparkle curriculum, but the book I ordered hadn't turned up, so we chose one from the Grade 1 curriculum, based on the book, "Up Tall and High", which we do have.  It was a lovely activity, and was definitely enhanced by the video tutorial as she explained (in simple terms) the techniques used, and demonstrated what to do.  The boys all enjoyed it and were pleased with the result...

Youngest's bird

Middle's bird

Eldest's bird

After Art, I got to choose the first TV programme of the day: there was a little complaining that they didn't get to watch "Rabbids Invasion" immediately, until they realised I had recorded a special episode of Mythbusters based on Star Wars (I found it on Youtube here for those who like the sound of it)... it went down really well!  The afternoon was then free for them to choose their own activities - well, Eldest did (choosing Minecraft), but Middle and Youngest needed to tidy their room first, so it was a while before they were able to play "Five Second Rule" together.  I love it when they ask to do something as a family.  Eldest joined us and we had a good giggle playing.

Today was English, as per our weekly planner.  Youngest loved being back on Reading Eggs, and Eldest got on with his workbook with little problem - hooray.  Sadly Middle was in a funk about his workbook as he decided it was too hard (actually not hard at all - it was just a page of writing definitions), so it took AGES of cajoling.  I need to rethink this one with him.  On the one hand, he is still primary age, and I want him to just enjoy reading and writing freely without demands or restrictions.  On the other hand, as Eldest and I are starting to discover - if he wants to take qualifications, Maths and English will be the basic requirements, and the English curriculum is so rigid, I don't want to put him at a disadvantage by getting behind.  Who'd have thought I'd still be agonising over this in our third year of HE?!

Anyway, once Middle eventually finished, we were able to do an experiment making a cloud in a bottle, as found on Youtube.  It was quick, easy, and most importantly, it worked!  We followed up by Mummy's choice of TV: a recorded episode of "Operation Cloud Lab", which my Dad had watched and recommended.  I recorded it and we watched the first episode today - considering it's made for adult viewers, the boys all stayed with it really well.

I love it when a plan works!  This afternoon the boys had friends over to play, so I was able to write in my blog.  On the whole the gentle structure is working well for us - but I do need to reconsider Middle and his dreaded English workbook.  Any ideas, feel free to share - and otherwise (as always) watch this space...!


  1. I have read somewhere that it only takes around 100 hours of instruction to get up to speed with English and Maths, so I don't think you should worry too much - once he decides he's ready you'll be able to whizz through everything that he needs to know. (And, yes, I keep telling myself this too and willing myself to believe it as J still has zero interest in anything formal!)
    R x

    1. Thanks Rachel - it's too easy for me to get carried away with the planning... I must remember to keep it flexible enough that we can ditch the bits (eg workbooks) that don't work! :)