Tuesday, 26 August 2014

September Structure

Well I think that is probably the longest that I have gone without posting on my blog!  Oops!  We have had a properly long "summer holiday" - the kind of holiday we used to have as kids - no plans, no homework or projects to complete or catching-up to do.  Just a lovely long rest. Well, the boys all rested anyway.  I split my time between tending to wild hedgehogs and trying to get to grips with the "embarrassing" areas of the house - too many areas where temporary storage had become general dumping grounds!  I do dream of the old adage "a place for everything and everything in its place", but whether or not I shall ever achieve that is entirely another matter!  Still, we have a bit more order again now, so that was a nicely productive summer!

Incidentally, if you are interested in my hedgehog rehabilitation adventures, I have a (much shorter) blog about that now too!

Anyway, we got back from a week at the seaside this weekend, and after a day spent washing and resting, my thoughts have turned to next term.  Well, actually I was going over the calendar making sure I had everything marked on it that I didn't want to miss, and it got me thinking about the subjects and activities that I would like to look at in the coming months.

I started writing a list...
Art - cave art, watercolour birds, Rousseau, Keith Haring (thanks to the Deep Space Sparkle curriculum that we have just purchased.  It wasn't cheap, but we got a discount by ordering early, and we have used DSS lessons many, many times, with great success - so after lengthy consideration we have decided that it will be worth it in the long run as despite my enthusiasm for 'having a go at art', I am woefully lacking in understanding the history, techniques etc)
Geography - drawing maps, me on the map (from browsing my Pinterest wall and finding inspiration in links that I had previously pinned)
History - Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and the Battle of Hastings (we visited Hastings while on holiday, so interest is already sparked)
Bible - a memory verse/ song, Youngest's Storyteller Bible
Science - human body (Youngest wants to know how hearts work) and weather (clouds, fog, wind etc)

Of course Maths and English will be ticking along with MathsWhizz and the English workbooks, but we will also be supplementing that with more practical board games, budgeting, poetry and story-telling - not to forget lots of reading!

All of this planning was making my head spin - and then I remembered a free printable planner that I had pinned a couple of years ago.  Not all of the pages are applicable to us, but some are really helpful and it is helping to get my head together.  I am under no illusions: I realise that I'm on a big fat "new-term' induced, parent-led planning spree - and that said spree is unlikely to bear much relation to what we end up doing for the rest of 2014.  I don't even know how long the parent-led-ness of our next HE season will last - it could be months, weeks, days...  but I do know that we are all gearing up and ready for some structure and some fun.  So watch this space, it'll be fun to see how far off the mark my plans turn out to be!

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