Monday, 16 June 2014

Finishing off the Romans...

... for now, at least!

Hooray for Pyjama Mondays being resumed!  We've had a lovely lazy day today, only interrupted by the arrival of our new washing machine, for which I am hugely grateful!  (Boys + outdoor play = dirt!)  As if it wasn't enough for me to conquer the mountain of washing that had grown over the weekend since our old machine died on Friday, the boys had a nicely productive day too.  MathsWhizz to begin with - all three boys really did whizz through their work, which set them up nicely with a 'can do' attitude, so while Youngest decided he wanted to do some Reading Eggs as well, I made the most of the quiet and asked Middle and Eldest to help me make a Roman timeline.  I wasn't sure how well received the idea would be, but happily they were keen, so I fetched out my resource kit that I had prepared a few weeks ago...

I wanted a timeline that could stretch beyond the Romans with time, so we colour-coded the cards.  (A6 cards, or in our case - several sheets of A4 card, each cut into four equal pieces).  I found a great list of some key moments during Roman rule over our country (thank you Woodlands Junior School timeline), and tweaked it to make a single list, then printed off some sheets of blanks with the time period (Romans) at the top, and date (some estimated) at the bottom, plus flags of the nations where the events occurred.

Of course, under Roman rule our modern flag designs did not exist, but it still helps to give an idea of where significant things were happening in the world that affected us as a nation.  If you're interested, you can find my pdf here.

I printed the blanks off, then Middle and Eldest chose five each to fill in with the details - I did the remaining six.  They cut around the blanks and stuck them on to the coloured backing cards (purple for Romans - Anglo-Saxons will have a different colour when we get round to them).  Then a paper-clip was attached so we could hang the cards on to a ribbon.  This method allows us to slip further cards in when we find other significant events that we missed out first time around.

We hung the ribbon up on our bookcase, and made a game of having the boys hang their cards on to the ribbon in date order, while reading their card aloud.  It felt a bit schoolish, but actually they instigated it, and it was surprisingly good fun (the hilarity was helped by the ribbon that kept collapsing every few minutes)

This afternoon, with the Romans fresh in our minds again (or at least, as far as I'm concerned, finishing off the subject for now), we dug out the mosaic craft kit that had been hanging about since the sticker mosaic dragons went down so well.  This time we used proper tiles, grout etc - the boys had a great time!  There were plenty of Minecraft designs, unsurprisingly (those pixels lend themselves well to 'squarey' mosaics)! 

Youngest's "Dragonfly"

Middle's "Bob from Monsters versus Aliens" and "Enderman Head"

Eldest's "Minecraft Squid" and "Zombie Head"

Mummy's "Pig", "Tree" and "Creeper" (Youngest enjoyed the grouting more than the designing, so I had 'help' with grouting all of the above!)

We finished the day off re-watching the Horrible Histories "Rotten Romans" animation.  I feel satisfied to have started and finished a topic.  I'm sure that our studies were not exhaustive, but we can always come back to it another day - and besides, how lovely to have started and finished a topic with such satisfying enthusiasm!

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