Friday, 30 May 2014

Space Cadets

Well that was an 'out-of-the-blue' kind of day!

Who'd have thought that learning about the Romans could lead to a day absorbed in learning about Space? We were having a discussion about the Roman gods and the planets that share some of their names.  So we put on a CD of Holst's Planet Suite, to listen to the music that represents their 'personalities'.  It seemed quite natural meanwhile to do a "Horrible Science" Smashing Solar System jigsaw puzzle while we listened.  What a lovely family moment - all of us sat at the kitchen table and continued until it was finished - it probably only took an hour in total, but there was lots of chat abut the different aspects of the solar system, including the Kuiper Belt, the black spot on Jupiter, and whether aliens exist etc.

Well call me slow, but by now I had spotted a great opportunity for strewing - so I grabbed our space-related books off the shelf, and plonked them 'randomly' near the sofas.  Youngest didn't bite, but it wasn't long before I found our "Glow in the Dark book of Space" next to the toilet, where Middle had taken it to read (I think because there is no window in the downstairs cloakroom so that's where they take all 'glow-in-the-dark' things for maximum effect).  Eldest's choice was the Horrible Science "Space, Stars and Slimy Aliens".  And by happy coincidence, when they turned the TV on for one of their current favourites, Blue Peter, there was a feature on how to make a comet!  How very serendipitous!

The Romans project seems to have been rumbling along in the background for a few weeks now - although I feel it drawing to a close soon - but how lovely and surprising that in the midst of a wider project we can spend a day focussing on something seemingly so unrelated, but just as much fun!

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