Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Happy Day

A lovely day today, other than feeling a little blue to start with, owing to not being able to drive again and other issues *repeats to self: I can be patient, I can be patient*

Eldest had a friend to sleep over last night, and surprisingly they did actually sleep for some of it.  Then he and his friend stayed home with me this morning while my lovely friend took Middle and Youngest to craft club, where they decopatched some box files, and sadly said farewell to the very lovely lady who had been running the club. Eldest did some of his English workbook while his friend did some MathsWhizz on our computer - and then they spent the rest of the morning playing roleplay in Eldest's room (from what I could make it out was a sort of cross between Pokemon and Hunger Games... the mind boggles!)

After lunch Middle practiced his handwriting while Youngest did a Reading Eggs lesson.  I am so impressed by how much he can read in one go now; his reading stamina is coming on really well!  After that we had an exciting delivery of a Minecraft snow paper craft pack for Eldest, and an electronic 'cars and boats' kit for Middle and Youngest.  General excitement all round!

Eldest (and friend) disappeared back upstairs and got busy...

Middle and Youngest couldn't wait to get to grips with the electronic kit.  They weren't interested in doing the first introductory circuits etc, but we have done them before in another kit, so I wasn't bothered. Youngest went straight to making a fan-powered car.  He is quite a bit younger than the recommended age for these kits, but he loves gadgets and electronics, and had no problems.  

After Youngest's turn, Middle wanted to make a propeller-powered boat (surprise, surprise - playing with water!)  The only problem was that the sink wasn't big enough to give it a proper test run, but the boys were still happy.

Middle then disappeared to play outside with a friend then (some sort of live Minecraft role play game), while Youngest made an electronic alarm circuit.  It involved a touch sensor, and we had a nice discussion about how it worked.  When Youngest realised that his finger was making the connection to complete the circuit, he had to experiment with other body parts - namely his nose, and big toe (I was quite relieved that we stopped there).
works with fingers...

... and toes!

By then it was time for friends to go home, and us to have tea, during which we watched a "Finding Stuff Out"  episode about dragons & reptiles, and discussed the growth of our resident caterpillars (now measuring 25mm) and baby blue tits... we've been watching them not only feeding, but also producing little bags of poo that the parents carry away - and we were fascinated when the Mummy bird came and turned round repeatedly on top of and next to the nestlings, apparently in order to make more room in the nest... fortunately the babies seemed to survive her determined wriggling quite well!

So all in all that was a pretty nice day, despite the blue start.  I really can't complain: things may not be ideal, but this is still a really good life we're living!  Happy days :)

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