Friday, 23 May 2014

Creative Craziness

Wow, that was a crazy, busy day! I love days where the boys just zoom from one activity to another, interest sparking all over the place - almost faster than I can take notes in our diary or take photos!  The mess generated by multiple activities can be interesting (opportunity for a lesson in tidying up), but it makes for a truly rich day...

We started off with Reading Eggs (Youngest) and English workbooks (the older two), and then Youngest decided to get out the story cubes.  He loves these, and plays with them often - and happily today I was on hand to type his story as it unfolded.  His brothers thought it was hilarious, and decided they wanted a go too, at varying points throughout the day (stories included at the end of today's post)...

Meanwhile there was plenty of investigative and creative play going on with the electronics kits.  Today their confidence had built to the point where they left the instructions behind and started building their own circuit inventions.  They were particularly proud of the fan-propelled car with working headlight (Youngest and Eldest's collaboration).

Middle, while eating breakfast, had noticed the glass jar of shells that we have on the side in the kitchen, and asked if he could make some shell pictures...

And Eldest wanted to make pudding ready for tea tonight: orange jelly with mandarins and chocolate angel delight on top...

... very yummy it was too!

After that we had TV programmes, reading books, Madlibs, sticker fun and more (I ran out of space in the diary to write it all down).  Such a full day - not much time left to write it down here, so I'll just copy and paste the boys Story-Cube stories for you to enjoy... happy weekend!

Youngest's Story:

Once upon a time there was a fish, and the fish met a bee.  The bee showed him what was scaring its brother, and the fish said it was only the brother’s shadow.  Then the fish had a question, if the brother bee would like an apple.  So he shot the arrow to make sure nothing was in the arrow, and it killed the worm and the worm came out and the fish bit the arrow and yanked it out and then the brother bee ate half the apple and left the other bit for the fish and then Luigi came and found a pyramid.  They all went there and in the pyramid there was a house, so they all lived there for ever and hugged all the people in the house.  The end.

Middle's Story:

Once upon a time in the Mushroom Kingdom, Luigi was wandering about, and he found a fish.  He ate the fish, and then he turned into a fish with legs and arms and a thousand eyes!  Fishy-Luigi looked up and saw a floating house and it turned out it was a UFO that crashed into a house so now the house could fly, and the person in it was freaked out so much he jumped out of the window but when he fell he saw that he jumped directly above lava and the lava was in a big mountain.  He realized it was a volcano.  Then Batman came and caught the person.  There was an alien in the UFO-house, he shone a torch at Batman and Batman ran away with the person.  So Fishy-Luigi said, “why would Batman be here?  This is the Mushroom Kingdom!”  And Batman got into his flying batship and saw what looked like the sun but it was made out of glass.  He crashed through it and it made the bat signal (like a dot with two lines coming out of it).
Fishy-Luigi saw a piranha plant and threw it at the alien.  The piranha plant was staring at the alien… staring… staring… staring.  It was completely quiet………………….  Then it ate the alien.
Then Fishy-Luigi found a castle.  It was Bowser’s castle so Luigi was afraid.  He ran away but then Bowser got a cage that was completely silver, like a tray that people use in posh restaurants to carry food.  He opened the cage and loads of bees flew out.  Fishy-Luigi was running so fast he had no idea how fast he was running but it was about one hundred miles per hour.  He saw a fountain and he jumped in because bees don’t like water.  There was a turtle swimming in the fountain.  The turtle stared at him…………………………………  then he ate Fishy-Luigi.
The End.

Eldest's Story

Once upon a time there was a sheep called Mr Fred, who liked wearing his magical alien mask because it helped him to solve problems.  Today he was really sad because no matter how many times he tried to use his magic to get into his tower, he couldn’t get in because he had left the key inside and couldn’t open the lock.  On the first attempt he tried to magic himself to fly in through the window, but he had forgotten how to stop going up, so he kept going too far, so he magicked himself back down again.  Then he tried magically giving himself an extra long arm so he could reach in through the window with his hand, but his arm got really heavy because if you have ever tried holding your arm forwards for a long time, you know it gets really difficult to keep it up, so before he managed to reach the key his extra-long arm got extra heavy and fell to the ground.  So he tried making himself a robot out of an apple to go and get the key, but he didn’t give the apple eyes so it didn’t know what the key looked like.  So, after the apple brought out a lot of useless objects from the tower, Mr Fred made a magical boomerang arrow which he threw inside to get the key and it finally did and he lived happily ever after inside his tower.

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