Friday, 2 May 2014

A Diary-friendly Day

Today I thought we weren't going to achieve anything notable - it started off r-e-a-l-l-y slowly!  English all round, and Youngest worked through his Reading Eggs quickly enough, but I had to sit with him as he was on my (new) laptop.  Then Middle and Eldest also needed quite a bit of input with the things they were working on, so I was bouncing around between boys, asking them in turn to wait patiently while I finished with whichever one I was with at any one point.  A bit stressful, but that's just the way it goes sometimes.  By the time we finished I thought they would just want to play outside for the rest of the day - which is fine of course, even if it doesn't look like much in the HE diary of 'what we've done' that I try to jot down notes in as we go through the day.  Well I was surprised that they all went into creative mode.  Youngest wanted to bake a cake with me, so we went for a carrot cake (any chance to get even a tiny bit of vegetable into his diet!) - and very yummy it is too!

Middle got out the matchsticks and plastic counters and made some fun designs with them - and then took a l-o-n-g time putting them away before he got out the modelling straws and worked at designing a tricycle (inspired by Youngest's unicycle, bicycle, tricycle exercise on Reading Eggs)...

And Eldest was thrilled by the arrival of a minecraft papercraft kit that he ordered with some money he was given for Easter, so he couldn't wait to get building!

Middle and Youngest spent their Easter money on ordering a kite each, both of which arrived after lunch, so straight away we went for a walk to our little playpark and all three boys had lots of fun flying them, while Mummy cheered them on and encouraged them to not stop running! (they slept well last night!)

Oh, and also we checked in on the seeds which we planted last week.  The sunflower seeds began growing after a couple of days (Youngest's took a bit longer as he kept watering his a bit too enthusiastically & the pot became waterlogged).  The peas have only just started growing, and there is no sign yet from the carrots of peppers.  Given that we were told to allow 2-3 weeks, it is fine, and the boys are learning patience (sort of!).  Our theory is so far that the bigger seeds seems to start growing earlier than the tiny ones - a sample of four types of seeds isn't really conclusive evidence, but it's a nice theory.

So what a lovely day that was - and it looks nice and busy in my diary as well, even without noting down the TV programmes that they watched, bikes that they rode and games that they played.  I don't really stress if we have weeks where the diary says that all the boys did was Maths/ English and then play - sometimes it means I just wasn't paying them full attention as to what they were doing indoors, sometimes it means they were outside running around and exploring freely.  Sometimes we did so much that I just didn't get time to record it all.  Given that I often forget to fill in the diary it's not really a reliable record anyway, but it is nice to keep when I remember - it can be really encouraging if I have a wobble and then look back and see all they have done - and it can help me at the end of the day when on busy days like today turned out to be, I finally get time to write my blog but can't remember everything that we did!  Hooray for diaries!

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