Thursday, 24 April 2014

Victory over the Kitchen Table!

It is done!  The mountain has been removed!  Look...!

And no, I didn't just move the junk somewhere else - I sorted through it all and dealt with it!  It feels so good...

Actually I really wasn't in the mood to take this on yesterday, but I was mummy-guilted into it.  I asked the boys first thing what they would like to do and Middle said he reeeeeeeally wanted to make bread.  We did have all the ingredients, but really didn't have space to do the kneading etc, so we agreed I would spend yesterday clearing space on the table so we could make bread today... and we did!

It also had the benefit that the boys were able to play with Playdoh as Youngest had been asking for a couple of days... 

Oh, and we planted some seeds too, from a kit that the boys were given for Easter...

Oops for forgetting to put newspaper down first - I guess we all just got too excited to have the table back in use!  Kitchen tables are just so handy, aren't they?!  Here's hoping it doesn't get that bad again for a l-o-n-g time!

Mind you, there are some things that can't be done on the kitchen table.  This afternoon we went to play with friends who recently moved into our road (a lovely family with three more boys - yay!)  We are all extremely happy about having some lovely fellow home educators so near.  Today's fun involved several rolls of tape, scissors and multiple large boxes from the move.  I mean BIG boxes - they certainly wouldn't fit on our little kitchen table.  Anyway, the boys had a fabulous time, creating giant minecraft villagers, cannons, pigs, tunnels, shops, cars... a properly creative time. Then  the paint came out... it was a good job we were in the garden!  Baths all round this evening.  Youngest in particular was covered head to toe in almost the same amount of paint as he used on his creation.  It was utterly lovely but VERY messy - and I was grateful that this was one activity that we hadn't attempted on our newly cleared kitchen table!

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