Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Introducing Saxton Rabbit and Hudson Tiger

While browsing Facebook the other day I came across a link to helpful Geography ideas for home educators. As you probably know, World Geography has been our background project this year so far, so I clicked on it with interest.  One of the suggested ideas was a 'Flat Stanley', inspired by the books of the same name.  It reminded me of a project that friends of ours in school have done, where each child in the class gets to take the class teddy home for a few days - and I thought we could combine the two together - have a small cuddly toy (not too big, to keep the postage costs down) and send him around the country, meeting new friends and keeping a journal.  Enter Saxton Rabbit...

He is named after Christopher Saxton, a 16th century English cartographer who produced the first county maps of England and Wales.  

I put out an invitation on Facebook to see which home educating families in England would like to host him on his travels, and within an hour, he already had an impressive itinerary covering eight different counties!  In fact, while we popped out to take Saxton to the park for his first journal entry, so many more people responded that we had to enlist another traveller! Enter Hudson Tiger...

 He is named after Henry Hudson, the 17th century English sea explorer and navigator.

Actually Hudson's itinerary is now full too, and people are still expressing lots of interest, so there may well be a third traveller joining Saxton and Hudson by tomorrow!

The hosts have all agreed to take their guests to a local landmark/ beauty spot, to write about it in their travel journal, and send them on to the next family with a little gift.  I really hope it works - I guess we'll have to wait and see.  Watch this space!

P.S. While sharing Saxton's exciting plans on Facebook this morning, someone else posted their own version of a similar game, "One of our Gingerbread Men is Missing!" - so having had a look, we just had to join in and send a postcard.  I love the Home Ed community... there's so much inspiration and creativity out there!

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