Monday, 3 February 2014

Moochy Monday

We had a bit of a slow start this morning: Eldest and Middle both said that they wanted to do some writing for English today, but neither of them could find inspiration.  In the end they both decided to have a go on Reading Eggspress instead.  They both enjoy collecting the Animal cards that are awarded for completing a 'lesson', and Middle in particular really enjoys 'Quote Quest' - but I have to say I don't think I'll be renewing their subscription.  Reading Eggs is brilliant for little ones learning to read, but once they finish that it is quite a leap in content to that of Reading Eggspress, and I have got fed up of e-mailing Reading Eggspress to point out all the errors in their comprehensions.  I think the boys would be happy enough to carry on, but I am not convinced that it is worth the money.

Anyway, once that was done, Eldest moved on to designing some Angry Birds layouts, and Middle and Youngest wanted to do an experiment, so we did a yeasty balloon one...
We poured a sachet of yeast, two crumbed up sugar cubes, and half a cup of warm water into a bottle, then fitted a balloon to the neck of the bottle and waited.  We checked back on the experiment at regular intervals, and the boys were pretty excited to see how big the balloon got.  Sadly we didn't have the ingredients to make our own bread as that was the obvious next request they made - but we might be able to do it tomorrow.  It would be nice to be able to show them the air bubbles in the bread compared to the air bubbles in the yeasty liquid today.

just started                                              after 20 minutes

after 40 minutes                                            after 60 minutes

 "Major Angry Birds Battle"
"Bad Piggie Fight"

Also today we had a look at Russia.  We received a Postcrossing postcard from Sochi on Friday afternoon when all the boys were otherwise occupied, so I put it aside to look at today.  On Saturday (a very busy day) we then received another one from the US.  That has also been put aside as the boys weren't interested in looking at two in any detail on the same day.  Anyway, we followed the same pattern as with our first card: we looked it up on the globe, in an atlas, and online.  Then Youngest wrote down the name of the country, Middle wrote down an interesting fact (capital city), Eldest wrote down two interesting facts (size and major products), and Middle drew the national flag.  Another nice little activity.  We might even have a look at some of the winter Olympics, as ther interest has been piqued by the card...

Other than that there has just been a lot of mooching today - bits of reading, drawing and playing... we've all been getting over colds lately and have been left feeling a bit flat.  It'll be nice to get out of the house tomorrow and have a change of scenery - and maybe we'll change our approach for the whole week too - even less structure and more time outdoors usually does the trick - here's hoping the weather is kind to us...

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