Friday, 7 February 2014

Fun on Friday

Having had a fairly intense couple of days, we were all the mood to skive today.  Well - not exactly skive, as we had no commitments to avoid - but suffice to say, nobody was going to tackle any structured work, least of all Mummy!

So this morning we went into town (because I am able to drive locally now - hooray!) and we posted some postcards for Postcrossing.. we are really enjoying receiving them from all over the world, it's quite addictive!  I even had some of my own photos turned into postcards so we could send cards showing genuine pictures of our local area...

While we were in town we bought some new T-shirts for the boys, and some cakes from the bakery to have with lunch - so it turned into a really nice little trip out.  Shopping isn't something I usually associate with pleasure, but it was a lovely little trip - probably because we didn't have to get too much done, so we just had fun and got home again quickly.

When we got home the boys just wanted to draw - so draw they did.  They particularly like making lots of tiny cards to play games with - a sort of cross between top trumps and collectors cards, all of their own design.  Unfortunately they do tend to get scattered about and lost very quickly, but I try not to stress about it as long as they're happy and busy (and they tidy up their mess)!

In fact, they were so engrossed, they were really reluctant to go out again, but last night there was really heavy rainfall, and reports were coming in from all across town of lots of flooded areas... nothing too serious thankfully, but I knew the country lane a five-minute walk away from our road would be sure to be flooded as there is usually a sizeable puddle there after relatively small amounts of rain - so I asked the boys if they would come for a walk with me because I wanted to have a look to see how big the puddle had got.  They weren't too keen, but agreed to do it for me (very sweet of them!).  Well, when we got there, it certainly had flooded and covered the road, as I suspected - and we all had lots of fun splashing in it - as I suspected!  First we waded from one side of the "puddle" to the other, turning down a kind offer from a passing Range Rover to ferry us to the other side.  I got about a third of the way across before remembering - or rather, being reminded by a cold wet feeling in my feet - that my wellies had holes in, and Middle and Youngest had so much fun splashing that their wellies very quickly filled up too.  Eldest was the only one who kept his feet dry - but even that was a close call as the water level wasn't far away from the top of his boots!  Anyway, suffice to say we all had a thoroughly enjoyable time playing in the 'ginormous' puddle - and then came home for a change of clothes and a hot chocolate.  It was the perfect antidote to a bit of a trying week - I strongly recommend puddle-jumping as stress-relief.  We know how to have fun!

 The "Ginormous Puddle"

These trees usually stand in a dry ditch, a couple of feet deep...

Flooded fields, where we usually walk

Emptying wellies when we got home!

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