Friday, 10 January 2014

Barely Structured

Just a quick one today, to sum up our first week "back" (sort of).

We haven't been able to get out much, due to still-painful backside and car being at garage (although we did walk to our little local park yesterday, where Middle conquered the art of swinging all by himself, hooray) - but it's been a good week nonetheless.  Actually, having a quiet week at home has been lovely as it's given us the space to gently ease into our little bit of structure.  Far and away the biggest benefit has come from the "no TV before lunch" guideline.  The boys and I have all achieved so much more with it off.  We've even managed to keep on top of the laundry and dishwashing etc - it's such a lovely (if rare) feeling!

The older boys have been reluctant to resume their online curricula so we have stuck with reading 'real' books and playing maths games etc for now instead.  Youngest is very happy to play on Reading Eggs and Mathswhizz still (he would prefer Mathseeds but I'm having issues installing it on my laptop, so Mathswhizz it is).  We had a lovely reading moment with his own "real book" today too: I have some books from the Usborne Very First Readers series, and we snuggled up with one today, called Dog Diary.  The book is written so that the pages alternate between the parent reading a page and the child reading a page of simpler text, together making up the story.  Youngest loved taking it in turns and has again made progress in confidence and fluency.  Proud Mummy!

Meanwhile this morning Eldest had announced after breakfast that he wanted to bake a Minecraft Creeper cake, so he found a recipe for chocolate cake that he could decorate with his design idea, and got to it almost entirely by himself.  The finished cake is delicious, although he now says he doesn't want to bake again for a while because the cleaning up afterwards is boring (I'm not doing it for him - it's an important lesson to learn). We'll see which is stronger: the desire to bake or the desire to avoid cleaning!
(the icing was greener than it looks here)
While this was going on, Middle had been drawing a host of cute characters from his latest book, The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby (he couldn't find any pencils, so used biro instead!)

Eldest then did some drawing too: a picture of SpongeBob and Patrick after they had eaten too many Krabby Patties...

We also played a game of Globe Trotters, from Wii Party.  It's a little frustrating as the globe used in the game is very basic and stylised, but it does use some flags and a few other details that tie in with our general world geography theme.  Speaking of which, we made our jigsaw map of Europe today too.

It's funny, if I focused on the fact that the boys are resisting the curricula that we were successfully using before, or Eldest's not wanting to do lapbooks etc as shared yesterday in Educating a Pre-teen, I could be quite discouraged - but how can I be, when I look at everything else we've done this week?! They've had to get used to not automatically switching on the TV in the mornings, but they haven't complained or missed it.  They have been really enthusiastic about my choice of background project, and they have been reading LOTS - as well as drawing, playing imaginatively, socialising with visiting friends and helping around the house. 

Next week is going to be a bit busier - especially if I am well enough to drive - and it will be nice to be out and about a bit more again, but I am thankful for this week and the chance to ease ourselves back into a sort-of-structure so gently that it is barely there.  It feels good to be back.

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  1. Sounds like everything is going really well! Hope your back is better! xx