Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Quiet, happy learning

Another day at home today - sadly I didn't even manage to get out for my 'constitutional', but it was still a nice, chilled day.

We had the required element of English to start off with: Eldest chose to do a "comprehension" on Reading Eggspress this morning (apparently he has read all of his books!), while Middle read more Captain Underpants, and Youngest chose to do some of his phonics workbook.  Actually he did about half of his workbook - he just gets into the zone and keeps going!

Following that Youngest wanted to help me much out the hedgehogs.  He's been asking for days, and seeing as it hadn't rained today the garden wasn't too swampy, so I said he could squelch across to the shed with me to feed and clean them, especially as Eldest was busy drawing comic strips and reading them to an appreciative Middle.  Just as he was putting his boots on we had a delivery of some parcels that had to wait until we were done... nice motivation to be quick, not that Youngest ever really needs speeding up!

Once the hedgehogs were all sorted (Hiccup is still flirting with the idea of hibernation; the other three don't seem even remotely interested in a good sleep) we came back indoors to open the parcels -  so exciting!  The biggest one turned out to be a great pair of second-hand jigsaws that I had found on ebay: one of the British Isles and one of Europe.  Youngest didn't hesitate - just ripped into the bag and tipped all the pieces out!  We did the edges very quickly together but then it got harder so we called for reinforcements from the bigger brothers.  It was such a lovely HE moment: lovely teamwork, problem solving and geography practice too...

We also received a second-hand book bought from Amazon marketplace or the Usborne Children's World Atlas.  Middle was inspired by the picture of the compass on the jigsaw, and went through the atlas, working out compass-related facts such as Africa being north of Antarctica etc.  Eldest whispered conspiratorially to me that actually everywhere is north of Antarctica, but I was glad he was sensitive enough to whisper - Middle is always so pleased when he grasps a new concept and his confidence can still be quite fragile!

I was happy with that contribution to our background project, and thought that they would have had enough "educational play", but the boys thought otherwise and got out the Top Trumps game from the other day.  We had a good game but it ended up going on for AGES.  Youngest and Middle were eventually out, but Eldest and I kept taking it in turns to have a winning streak - even when I started trying to throw the game it took longer than expected!  It prompted some lovely questions though, such as "why is the Grand Canyon more dangerous than Mount Fuji?" etc.

Then it was time a spot of TV: "CBeebies Stargazing", that we have been recording, and a couple of episodes of "Animals at Work" that the boys are particularly enjoying right now.  Surprisingly they are watching very little of what I would call 'Mindless TV' at the moment - and I am certainly not complaining.  All we need now is to stretch our legs in the fresh outdoors air, and this week will be turning out to be pretty marvellous!


  1. I love educational games. In fact, we all do. They are in love with a multiplication game at the moment which you can play at three levels. Youngest has the easiest level, Oldest has the middle and adults have the hardest. I get stuck sometimes :/ lol

    1. Ooh, what's that one called Sarah? Sounds great!
      We love educational games too - such an easy and fun way to learn.

  2. It's called Trilemma. we LOVE it!