Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Postcards from around the World

We received our first postcard via Postcrossing the other day, as part of our background project on World Geography.  As it was Middle's birthday over the weekend, it kind of got overlooked, but we found it again today and were able to have a nice little 'Home Ed' moment...

Morteratsch, the Swiss Alps

First of all the boys really liked the fact that Pingu was on one of the stamps (apparently "Pingu" was a Swiss-UK production). 

We looked up some photos and agreed that Switzerland is a beautiful country and we'd love to live there.  We also looked it up in an atlas (Middle learned how to use an Index) and online, and found out a few interesting facts (eg home education is legal there but heavily legislated - maybe we don't want to live there after all!). We decided to make a little folder to put our received postcards in, and did a collaborative effort making a page to go with the postcard (just to get a little writing in there).  The page was Mummy's idea, but I kept it very low-key, and the boys were all happy to humour me and go along with it!

Youngest wrote the title (and put lots of kisses underneath to show how much he loves "Switland" as he calls it.  Middle wrote down the continent, and Eldest was asked to choose two interesting facts (he chose the capital city and currency).  Finally Middle drew the flag... simple!

We could have gone into it a lot more, but I don't want them to dread receiving postcards by associating them with work, so I deliberately kept it light.  I'm really pleased with the whole Postcrossing idea.  We currently have four cards travelling, and once each has arrived at their destination (Russia, Belarus, Taiwan, & Ukraine) we will be sent some more - so hopefully they will arrive nicely spread out.  Such a lovely, fun project!

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