Thursday, 30 January 2014

Eldest's Story

CHAPTER 1: Franky Foods the Fish
Once upon a time there lived a fish.  That fish was called Franky Foods.  One day Franky was walking through the supermarket when he saw... a giant pile of potato salad in the broccoli's place.  As weird as that is to you and me it was pretty average for Franky.  So he bought something else instead.  That something was a giant can of cheese spray.  When he got home everything was just right - same old toaster, same old bed, same old toilet with shrimp flying around it.  Yep, everything was normal.

CHAPTER 2: The Big Hole hole hole hole hole hole
The next day Franky woke up nice and normal (to Franky) at 3:00am and practiced the trombone much to the neighbours' amusement.  And at 7:00am he went to work at the Algae Co.  But wait, there was a big hole.  He went in.  It was very dark apart from the hole that let some light in.  All the Algae dollars were gone  And then, "Boo!", Freddy (Franky's best friend) jumped out of the closet.  When Franky got a grip he asked Freddy if he did this.  "Nope," said Freddy, "But I did see a strange guy leave here with a mysterious black case."

CHAPTER 3: The Extremely Large Amount
So Frankie and Freddy went in the direction Freddy saw the man go in.  When they got around a corner what they saw was not at al helpful, for what they saw was 204 people with black cases.  Wow, you should have seen the look on their faces.  Their bottom jaws hung so low they looked like they would fall off.

CHAPTER 4: A Looooooonnnggg Night
They decided to start.  One guy left, but surely it wasn't him.  202 people later it had to be that guy... nope.  It was now 8:00pm - their bedtime, but they kept themselves awake to follow that guy, but he escaped on the last bus to the town centre 8 miles away.  But then hope came with a glowing box on it with the word... TAXI.  They got on the taxi and sped off to the town centre.  They arrived just after the bus.  The guy could run very fast.  They hopped onto a tandem bicycle that Franky made out of his changing thing.  And the chase went on for 1 hour when the bike got a puncture.  The guy was still going but they caught up in a dead end.

CHAPTER 5: The Unfortunate Escape
They checked... and found the Algae dollars.  Just when they thought they had got him he grabbed something from his coat pocket.  It was a teddy with a string on it.  he chucked the teddy up a wall and climbed up the string to his safety and ran off.

CHAPTER 6: Back Home... Maybe
It was 3:00am.  Freddy was nearly home.  The rest of the neighbours had a party celebrating not being woken up by a trombone.  At 7:00am Franky got home... maybe... because the key he keeps under the doormat was gone!  Someone stole it!  Then he saw it, a slightly different guy had his keys and was running off with them.  Franky ran after him.  The second guy then ran faster and grabbed Freddy's Sunday paper from Freddy's fins.  Freddy then joined the chase.

CHAPTER 7: The Temple
They ran for 3 miles through the mountains and 2 miles next to a river they arrived at this giant temple on the mountainside (incredible that it didn't fall over).  They followed the guy inside.  Inside the whole temple was one room, everywhere high chairs.

CHAPTER 8: The Monster
One of the chairs was really high.  And on it sat Old Man Grumpyfsh who used to live next door to Freddy before (moving house). Under the very high chair was a door.  The door was very slowly, until, crash - it opened and out came a long, scaly and big monster.  It chased Franky and Freddy around the room.  Then Franky remembered the cheese spray.  he got it out and shot cheese at the monster.  The monster turned out to be scared of cheese and ran off - at the chairs, crashing a big hole in the chairs.  And Franky and Freddy escaped through the hole and slid down the mountain to safety.

For a minute it looked like they were safe.  But Old Man Grumpyfish wasn't going to give up that easily.  He sent some squid troopers to catch them.  Meanwhile Franky and Freddy were filling a smoke grenade with cheese spray.  And loaded it on the wooden cart they made... then Franky spotted the coming squid troopers.  So they got in the cart and sped down the mountain with the squid troopers chasing and shooting ink balls at them.  However Franky and Freddy were slowly getting away until they hit a rock.  Then with the cart's wheel broken they had no choice - they had to fight.

CHAPTER 10: Aaaaaaarrrhhh
First one attacked but they threw a rock at it.  And they kept throwing rocks until they ran out.  Two came and attacked but they jumped on them.  But now the last 15 attacked.  So Franky and Freddy chose to use the cheese bomb.  Franky chucked it and "kablamo" it blew up with hot sticky cheese.  The 15 were the last ones.  Old Man Grumpyfish didn't like where this was going and sent two boulders crashing down the mountain.

CHAPTER 11: Winning The Fight
Down down down went the boulders.  They were now going at 50mph.  Back down the mountain Franky and Freddy were preparing for the boulders by turning their cart into a ramp.  Down down down came the boulders.. then up up up.  All Old Man Grumpyfish had left to throw at them was a loaf of bread... so he threw it at them, and surprisingly he missed them by 2 inches.  At the jellyfish cop HQ the jellyfish cops noticed the ruckus on the mountain and decided to see what was up.

CHAPTER 12: Here Come the Jellyfish
Nee-nar nee-nar went the jellycar as it approached the battle scene.  First they found Franky and Freddy and asked them what happened.  As Franky explained how he was robbed, Old Man Grumpyfish chucked one of his old boots towards Freddy who dodged it just in time.  I whizzed past him but hit the jellyfish behind him.  Just then the just-arrived jellycar's brakes were knocked off by Old Man Grumpyfish's second boot!  The car sped off down the mountain.  Then the jellyfish got up the mountain and caught Old Man Grumpyfish.

CHAPTER 13: Back to NormalThe next day, back at the supermarket Franky was looking in the vegetable place and the broccoli was in the right place.  But he bought more cheese spray.. after all you never know when you may need it.  When he awoke at 3:00 he played exceptionally loud.  Everything was back to normal... "someone's at the door" went Franky's doorbell.  It was news-reporter Stingray.  So Franky told him what happened.


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