Friday, 4 October 2013

Fungus, Lego, and Other Fun

Another slightly manic week, though not as crazy as last week, thankfully!  This week saw me back at the hospital with my sister and niece, plus joining in with our usual HE groups, plus having relatives visit us here, laden with lovely presses for the birthday 'boys' Youngest and Daddy... and even some gifts for me and the older two boys - hooray!  One of the family gifts was the game "Creationary" where players have to build items out of lego and other players have to try to guess what it is.  We had a go today - the only problem was that the boys weren't keen on dismantling each model as soon as it was guessed, so I had to take photos in order for them to consent to breaking them into pieces to be reused...

Youngest's bed

Middle's canoe

Eldest's binoculars 

Youngest's bus

Middle's cannon

Eldest's circus

Although it's quite a slow-paced game, the boys were all greatly inspired, and continued building long after the game was finished!

In fact today we have enjoyed staying home, other than a quick trip to the barbers first thing this morning to tidy up some haircuts that the older boys had decided to give themselves! (Eldest hadn't done a bad job on his fringe although the barber did tell him it made him look like a lego man, which I don't think was supposed to be a compliment!)  Youngest and Middle finished their lapbooks today - Eldest's is still a work in progress which is fair as he puts a lot more effort into his lapbooks.  We also read some books, played Sum Swamp, made some Christmas cards (!), played more games and watched some Muzzy DVDs that I have borrowed from a friend (the younger boys have been asking to learn French, but I had no intention of doing the current "free" trial as I have no doubt it will involve me having to sign up for an expensive package and then cancel it before they automatically take my money).  Anyway, the boys seemed to really like the DVDs - I was impressed by how long it held their interest, given that there is not a single word of English spoken throughout... we only turned it off because the disk needed cleaning.  Anyway, we'll see if their interest in French lasts!  I hope so, as languages is one of my better subjects!

So all in all, it's been a lovely indoors-y day, contrasted with Weds when I was visiting hospital in the morning, we all ate out with relatives in the afternoon and I was out at a church meeting again in the evening... and then yesterday when we had to go shopping in the morning, had a nature group trip out in the afternoon (a lovely, if damp fungus hunt), followed by delivering a parcel before bedtime.  We particularly enjoyed getting out in the woods yesterday, despite the rain - there were plenty of different fungi to spot, and there's just something about the woods that always makes me feel recharged!

Outdoors, indoors - we've had more fun times.  Admittedly my head doesn't seem to know whether it's coming or going, but I'm do glad we have the planner to fall back on - it's been invaluable in helping me to keep some kind of focus - and the planned activities have combined with the unplanned surprises to give us another lovely week!

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