Monday, 2 September 2013

The Benefits of keeping a Diary

Just because I have a new blog, I promise I wont deluge you with endless blog posts - I just had a lot that I wanted to say today, what with the "My Learning Story" tab, the Klee art project, our very own recipe, and everything else.  I posted about the Atelier project and biscuit recipe separately as I think if I can get to grips with the tabs, it makes sense to have art projects, baking, science projects etc on pages separate to the main diary so I can maybe group them together to be more easily found in future... we'll see!

It's been a full-on day today - our first official day back in the home educating flow, according to Eldest's calendar (see Planning and Gearing Up), and it's been busy-with-a-capital-B!. According to our newly drawn-up plan, today - aka Pyjama Day - just had Reading Eggs on the schedule with suggestions of Art and Baking.  Not too busy, you might think... but I was chatting to someone the other day, saying that as well as our loose wall- (or rather fridge-) planner, I also keep a week-to-view diary where I jot down everything that I notice the boys doing... the planner may look a little empty, but the reality of what they get up to is always very full.  Well today I almost ran out of page space in the diary...

We started the day all snuggled up in bed reading our Bibles together, then went downstairs for breakfast (except the boys couldn't wait for breakfast and got straight on to Reading Eggs (they were on it for hours, with the briefest of breaks for breakfast!).  The rest of the day involved wordsearches (Eldest and Middle), oil pastel resist art project (all of us - see My Little Atelier - Klee's Goldfish), several episodes of Deadly 60 on TV (everyone), taking photos/ videos (Youngest), 
drawing (Middle), writing down instructions for uploading photos (Eldest), watching 'Come Outside' programmes on rubbish, water and sewage (Middle and Youngest), putting the grocery delivery away and loading/ unloading dishwasher & laundry (all of us), trampolining (Youngest & Middle),  and baking (everyone)... as well as the things I didn't notice!

This isn't meant to make anyone feel inferior (or superior) by comparison - just to illustrate the potential benefits for the unstructured or semi-structured of keeping a diary of what actually happens.  No wonder it felt busy today, when I look back at everything the boys were up to (with me helping for a good deal of it)..  If anyone had asked, I'd have said we did Reading Eggs, Art and Baking - as I mentally ticked off the list of suggestions made on the planner for today - and I would have been happy with that.  But in actual fact the boys did so much more!  I love my diary - invaluable reading in case I ever feel we don't do enough!

Anyway, I'm trying to keep it brief (yeah right)... I'll leave you with Middle's dinosaur picture that he drew today, and a lovely little story from Eldest, written this weekend.  He was going to add a post-it to the planner with "write a story" on it, when I said he could do it right away if he liked.  "Oh yeah!" he said, and dashed off to find pencil and paper.  This was the result (I love it when they are enthused to write)...

"T-Rex" by Middle

My Pet Feet, by Eldest

I sometimes think that my feet have a life to themselves.  Once I decided I would make them my pets.  My feet are curious, adventurous and strong feet, but on Fridays they like to find a warm place to rest (like in my little brother's top).  Me and my feet have been to many places like on the snow on a mountain or in the water at the seaside.  My left pet foot is a little bit bigger than my right, but they are the best of friends.  My pet feet's favourite thing to do is rest after a big walk.  Feet can be the best pets ever (if you house train them) so why don't you get some pet feet for yourself? :)

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