Monday, 9 September 2013

Rainy Day = Busy Day

We were all set to abandon our usual pyjama day, in favour of attending a local "not-back-to-school picnic" today.  The wet weather soon put paid to that though - so we returned happily enough to our usual cosy Monday activities.  Reading Eggs was first, then Middle came into the kitchen to help me make some hedgehog bread rolls, as requested by him last week.  It wasn't long before Youngest and Eldest heard what was going on and came in to help with the kneading!  While the bread was proving, I showed the boys some ideas that I had pinned to my Pinterest board recently, and they voted to have a go at the Wycinanki (click here for further details) - with great results, I thought...



Once the art was finished, we finished off the bread rolls , and then made some Mint-choc muffins... what is it about rainy days that makes baking so appealing?  It's such a comfort thing!

While the muffins cooled, the boys had lots of fun on Grid Club,  playing Mission Inedible: choosing good food to feed to a superhero, and Nobody Nose: learning about friction, tension and gravity - it was so lovely hearing them playing together happily.  They kept popping in and out of the kitchen to ask if the food was ready (the house was smelling pretty good!), so it wasn't long before we got our lunch together and had a 'picnic' in the front room, instead of the previously planned park picnic.  They wanted a DVD to watch while we ate, and as they had been asking what happened to Joseph's family (the Israelites) after the "King of Dreams" that we watched the other day, we put on the "Prince of Egypt" (DVD account of Moses etc).  The only problem was, I had forgotten what a powerful animation it is (even though the boys are familiar with the story), so by the end of it I had some very sober boys snuggled up with me (Middle sobbing on my lap over the death of the firstborn).  At least we could have a good chat about it all, before choosing a jolly distraction in the form of a gummy bear experiment.  We followed the instructions as given here, except the boys also wanted to see what would happen if we put them in sunflower oil and washing up liquid... so we currently have 6 test-tubes containing gummy bears in different liquids, waiting to be inspected tomorrow... the boys love anything that uses our jumbo test-tubes.. makes them fell like "real" scientists!  

I thought we were done for the day, but no: I had ordered a new game called Sum Swamp, to help Youngest who had got a bit stuck on an area of Maths Whizz where they expect him to add simple numbers (despite not having shown him how to do it yet, as far as I can tell).  Well the game turned up this afternoon - and of course the boys all wanted to play straight away.  They loved it too.  It's a very simple concept, easy to grasp - and Youngest managed fine (with a bit of help from our abacus).   And now they are happily ensconced in front of the TV, watching Nickelodeon's Fruit Shoot Skills awards - not my choice of viewing, but anything that inspires them has to be good!  I have to say, Youngest wasn't interested, so he found the Story Cubes, and we had a little story time together inventing a story about an alien who went on an aeroplane, before he decided that he wanted to go and leap about on the trampoline (hooray for a break in the rain!).

Phew - what a busy day!  As usual, our most relaxed day of the week has turned out to be enormously productive... and that's fine by me!

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