Monday, 2 September 2013

Orange Smileys

A while ago I was browsing the Lakeland catalogue (always a dangerous move for my purse), and couldn't resist these cute little smiley cookie cutters that I knew the boys would love.  When they arrived, we had a go at making our own versions of 'Jammie Dodgers', but sadly the cookies spread in the oven and didn't hold their features.  They tasted good, but we had to wait for another day to try again at sandwich-style biscuits.

As today had baking on the planner, it had to be done really.  We knew of a recipe that was good for holding shape in the oven, but didn't have all the ingredients, so we adapted it to make up our own version. All the boys had fun making them and were fully impressed with the result, so we are sharing it here (if you don't have smiley cookie cutters, feel free to use whatever shape you have, and just use two to sandwich together).

Ingredients (makes 16 biscuit sandwiches)
75g icing sugar (+ another 75g for filling)

150g butter (+ another 150g for filling)
225g plain flour
large orange

1/ Zest the orange and then squeeze juice from it

2/ cream icing sugar with butter
3/ add half the orange zest and juice, mix well
4/  add the flour, stir into a smooth dough
5/ Cover dough & chill in fridge for 30mins

6/ Heat oven to 180C
7/ Turn dough onto floured surface, roll until about 5mm thick.

8/ Cut out shapes & put on greased baking trays (making sure you have an even number of matching shapes)
9/ Bake for 10 - 15mins - keep an eye on them, so they don't go to brown.  They need to be pale gold in colour.  Cool completely

10/ For filling, mix icing sugar, butter, zest and juice together.  Sandwich biscuits together with buttercream filling.  Keep refrigerated for a better texture of filling.
You could also add marmalade inside for an interesting variation.

PS there are only 8 pictured here as - wouldn't you know - our first batch were overbaked (hence the 'keep an eye on them' comment!)

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